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Saturday, April 28


Warning : This post is gonna be a bit emo. 
I'm not emo but this is what that is running through my skull.

Two roads diverges into the wood...

Yes, the result for universities's interviews are out. And heck, I got shortlisted for USM's Communication. Good thing or bad thing? This really makes me think a lot. Since graduating from Form 5, I've always wanted to do Communication. But then, there is a part in me that wants to continue with Science, which lead me to Form 6's science stream.

And damn, I did bad for STPM. Like seriously bad to the extent where even I am disappointed with myself. If you think me feeling bad about my result makes you feel worse, stop reading and go fuck yourself.

But still, the part in me that wants to do Engineering is still there, hoping to be a professional in the future. Can I cope with it? After tripping down so hard in STPM :( Honestly, I got no faith to ace Engineering. Lots of people keep telling me that Mass Comm is suitable for me. Really?!

I don't want to regret about this in the future.

Choosing Mass Comm means that I'll be spending the next four years in Penang. Or shall I risk getting Engineering and stay in Selangor? But if I were to reject USM, I might end up in Sabah/Sarawak as well. Some of my friends are brave enough to apply to Kelantan. Salute them. 

"Sor Wen, Mass Comm is really suitable for you.." - Miss Margaret Chia.

"She made the right choice." - YeeLing's Dad.

"Go ahead, take it. I think you will do well. A lot of my friends that did Mass Comm are very successful now. But if you get Engineering then you go for Engineering.." - Mr. Moay. 


The problem with the system is, the result of USM will be released earlier than the other varsities. If I were to reject Communication, I don't know whether I can get Engineering or not. I guess Computer Science is just not my field. Can't even bear to imagine me doing programming for the rest of my life. Worst still, I might be offered some alien course that is not even in my list of choices.

The system is just so fucked up. Why can't they just announce it together? Or at least, USM is announced together with the Research Universities.

Another setback, I feel really sad just by thinking of how far all of my friends will grow apart. Kim's going for music in UM/UPM. Suez will be doing TESL in UM. Jordan might be in Johor. since he got shorlisted by UTHM. Pang, UKM/UMS? Siewlye, Melaka/Terengganu? KahKing, Kelantan? SenChen, no idea yet. 


Can you imagine this happening? *flipstable*

Enough of scaring myself. Better make sure I pass the interview before I talk any cock anymore. I shall just die in this dilemma. :(

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