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Monday, April 16

Audrey turned 20!

I guess I'm having insomnia. Despite being tired from the end of my hair to the end of my toe, I'm here blogging instead of sleeping! Anyway, I'm excited about this post because its one of my craziest friend's birthday! Love her so so so much! because she tells me alot about kpop (Big Bang) hahaha

First of all take a look at the lovely prima donna of the night! :)

ze' birthday girl 

Tell me, isn't she lovely?

And now, have a look at the cake! :)

p/s : the chinese character was her nickname, we did not just simply write it!

ze' birthday girl had turned into a happy girl.

Honestly, it was just a very simple celebration with some classmates and we celebrated it a day before her birthday. She's spending the real day with her love. Ahem.

ze' ladies!

Bought a MNG tank top for her. The best part of it was when she texted me telling that it fits her! Woots, I'm getting better at analyzing people's body figure. *grins*

Lastly, a group photo of classmates present!

we are the cham-able ones! :D

Confession ::

Hey you Audrey Pang! When you read this, I want you to know that I'm super super glad to have you in my life. Life will be so different without you! Although I only know you in Form 6, i never regretted a day being friend with you! Thanks for always sharing all the Kpop stuff with me. And I love hearing you talk with the funny accent of your own, its so contagious just so you know, because Tiffany tends to copy you! If you know what I mean. Hahaha 
(lets hope she won't see this.)


More years of friendship to come! :D

p/s : I'll remember which one is your house next time! Hehe

And now, ending this post with a SS shot! :D

Goodnight! Much loves.

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