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Thursday, May 26

looking forward..

..for holiday!!!

Last paper, less than 11 hours!
PA 1, give you die!

Hangout, karaoke, shopping, yumcha, all are in the to-do list! =)

Thursday, May 19


okay, that was a title that did not match..

Update :: 

PA 2 paper was okay, the essays was kinda unexpected. So i wrote craps.
Graph was okay, still manage to handle.
Bahagian E, god bless me!

Today was Chemistry paper.
And yeah, keep the fingers crossed!
I kinda read all that came out, but i just read through so can't really recall and write 'em out. And i wrote an equation wrongly already. Fml! 2 marks gone. Blank for another 3 questions, 6 marks gone again! Tsk!

Tomorrow, Mathematics Paper 1! Hitting the pedal! 
Final hurdle - for the week!

Random ::

Adele is so inspiring!
Check out her music!

So what if you're fat? she's awesome!

Monday, May 16

Exam period.

Exam countdown : 35 hours to go..
Rate of revision : approx 2 pages per hour..

See? I'm slow. And the mood to study is not here. So htere i am, blogging here. I hope tomorrow will be a fruitful day. Because i'm giving all in! Its impossible to finish revising with the time left now. So all i can do is to revise topically and pray that it come out. I only want PASS this mid term. 
Thank you.

Knocked out.

Sunday, May 15

the joy of being a senior. =)

 Juniors had came in and the Orientation Week is officially over. Kudos to MPP's committees for a job well done! Juniors had fun, so do the seniors. As a kehpoh, dutied as photographer almost everyday. The theme this year was firefly, and i seriously preferred our theme-cute bee! Imma bee, imma bee, imma imma imma bee... And most of the juniors' costume turned out to be like housefly. -__-

Wednesday was the best day of orientation week because seniors really got involved in the Sweet Attack! Thats where our junior find us- the foster! And i thank MPP for giving me such a cute junior! Arigato very very the much. Especially Wei Min! =)

Sweet Attack!
no candies, no entry, no finding your foster! *evil seniors*

This was actually a tradition in High School, where all the seniors will interchange their name tag to confuse the juniors. I changed with Kai Ping and Dian Ze! So when i'm with blazer, my name will be Shiu Kai Ping and when i'm off blazer, i'll be Lee Dian Ze!

This is what happened when people start thinking outside the box ::

5 name tags at once?!

Last year, our Sweet Attack was in the morning, but this year was after recess. Worse still, they have a speech slot for Pn. Chen before the Sweet Attack. Seniors were too hyper to study already, so we waited for the juniors outside the corridor instead! It was dead high and crazily intense! Everyone was screaming for sweets and were waiting anxiously for their junior. And my class made it as if we were going for concert!

Look at all those papers we were holding ::

everyone was screaming : We Want Sweets!

My signature was a compulsory one, so i actually collected a half-filled bag of sweets! Gosh, diabetes! At 1130, Sweet Attack started! rawrrr!

before Sweet Attack, my partner of SS!

And now, a photo of my junior ::







Tan Jia Wei!

I thought he was a girl at first because his name is Jia Wei. Not to mention i actually requested for a girl as junior. Nevertheless, I'm happy with him. =)

Thus, the end of OW!
And here comes Mid Term Exam!

Ending this post with a silly photo of yours truly!

photographed by :: Kimberly =)

Goodnight, much loves!

Monday, May 9


Omg, a process i always come across..
And still is..

Friday, May 6


Its Friday! Oh wait, I'm not singing Rebecca Black's song. Its the last day for Starbucks deal guys. Did you guys made it?  

And i strongly suggest you guys to make a visit to Setia Alam's Starbucks. The environment there was awesome! Perfect for studying. Serene and quiet. Visited with BFFs of course. Alright, brain jam! So let the pictures do the talking!

Tan's i-forgot-the-name.
My Green Tea.
Pang's Java Chip.

drooling, no?

the bill.

8 cups for RM50++!
super worth it.

Soh's disgusting product when our joke was over the rainbow for him!

credits to : Sen Chen!

Photoshoot is finally over.
Juniors are coming in.
Exam left one week.
Letters are piling up.

Break a leg, bitches!

Thursday, May 5

Dear Blog.

Finally, ze' blogger decided to come and post a short update. Today was a bad day. Nuff said. I'm really pissed with those Mallory assholes. I'm deeply disappointed. And i regret doing so much as the returns disappoint me far more than my exam results disappoint myself.

But, I thanked Pang for cheering me up and brought me to Mashitah's car. At least i had a good laugh listening to Kah King and Mashitah's conversation. Exam season is near and my Organic Chemistry is still way down the rabbit hole. Not to mention Physics is still perfectly untouched. 

Omg, and i think i should cut down on vulgars. I feel like keeling myself now.

Who will be the best student for Art Stream?
Lim Sor Yeung or Yap Khai Jian. Opinions please.

Sunday, May 1


I gained weight.