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Thursday, May 5

Dear Blog.

Finally, ze' blogger decided to come and post a short update. Today was a bad day. Nuff said. I'm really pissed with those Mallory assholes. I'm deeply disappointed. And i regret doing so much as the returns disappoint me far more than my exam results disappoint myself.

But, I thanked Pang for cheering me up and brought me to Mashitah's car. At least i had a good laugh listening to Kah King and Mashitah's conversation. Exam season is near and my Organic Chemistry is still way down the rabbit hole. Not to mention Physics is still perfectly untouched. 

Omg, and i think i should cut down on vulgars. I feel like keeling myself now.

Who will be the best student for Art Stream?
Lim Sor Yeung or Yap Khai Jian. Opinions please.

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