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Thursday, May 19


okay, that was a title that did not match..

Update :: 

PA 2 paper was okay, the essays was kinda unexpected. So i wrote craps.
Graph was okay, still manage to handle.
Bahagian E, god bless me!

Today was Chemistry paper.
And yeah, keep the fingers crossed!
I kinda read all that came out, but i just read through so can't really recall and write 'em out. And i wrote an equation wrongly already. Fml! 2 marks gone. Blank for another 3 questions, 6 marks gone again! Tsk!

Tomorrow, Mathematics Paper 1! Hitting the pedal! 
Final hurdle - for the week!

Random ::

Adele is so inspiring!
Check out her music!

So what if you're fat? she's awesome!

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