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Friday, May 6


Its Friday! Oh wait, I'm not singing Rebecca Black's song. Its the last day for Starbucks deal guys. Did you guys made it?  

And i strongly suggest you guys to make a visit to Setia Alam's Starbucks. The environment there was awesome! Perfect for studying. Serene and quiet. Visited with BFFs of course. Alright, brain jam! So let the pictures do the talking!

Tan's i-forgot-the-name.
My Green Tea.
Pang's Java Chip.

drooling, no?

the bill.

8 cups for RM50++!
super worth it.

Soh's disgusting product when our joke was over the rainbow for him!

credits to : Sen Chen!

Photoshoot is finally over.
Juniors are coming in.
Exam left one week.
Letters are piling up.

Break a leg, bitches!

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