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Tuesday, August 31

Vampires Suck.

Its Independence Day. And i had tuition marathon. Fml. 6 hours of Maths class was really crazy. Thank god, had a movie with friends after those crazy hours. But, the movie sucked okayy, just like the title. Had Baskin Robbin after that and home sweet home. Another day's gone. School's tomorrow. Lifeless, i know.

Monday, August 30

so fragile.

Life, is so fragile.
This moment, its yours.
The next moment, it may be not.
Live it to the fullest, die with no regrets.

May you rest in peace, aunty.

Sunday, August 29

a movie with mates.

Finally, after a very very long hiatus, i went to the cinema again. =). Went for movies with some schoolmates after Chemistry tuition. We ended up being late for Physics class, fml. Nonethelessly, the movie was awesome! Funny, hilarious and "yellow". LOL. I was quite suprised that it was Pg 13, not Pg 18. Whatever. I of course, laughed out loud. I can't believe there are people who are so innocent. Su Yeian and Wei Ting, its better if you both don't know about those stuffs. Haha.

Recommended for those who are horny. =)

Wednesday, August 25

a very fucked up day..

Another normal schooling day. Quite dramatic today actually, because i actually got pissed with the other prefects. Irresponsible brats. Fuck you to the max!

And, Pn. Lim forgotten that i need to do my experiment today.
So, it was postponed to tomorrow, fml.

Another dramatic thing, today, after a late lunch with Botak and Wei Ting and Siew Lye, he fetched us home. And at a junction, when the traffic turned amber, Botak decelerates and stopped eventually. Then, the car behind start honking. When we looked to the back, he actually pointed middle finger to us. WTF! And he is a fucking Malay who is fasting for their "holy" Ramadhan month. I'm not being racist, but this is the fact. Third class mentality. If you're in a hurry to buka your puasa, then use aeroplane lah. Why do you even give a fuck to use a public road which is always busy. And he is such a immoral driver. Hellow, the fucking traffic light turned amber okayy. Fail your undang is it. Don't you know u have to start to stop when the light turned amber? I bet you "pao-ed" to pass. Even your license may be bought. Fuck you, immoral driver.

siew lye is smiling cuz she's in love!

Well, that sum up my day. Fml.
Klang-ian's mentality. People, when are you going to grow up and think like an adult?

Tuesday, August 24

Like finally,

Yours truly is finally legal!

Can't wait for some crime with Byy!

p/s : thanks Byy for dedicating your blogpost to me, I appreciate it much. ILY ♥

Wednesday, August 18

Ohh, i even memorized what Team Rocket's Jessie and James used to say,

Jessie: To protect the world from devastation,

James: To unite the people within our nation,

Jessie: To divide evil from truth and love

James: To extend our reach to the stars above,

Jessie, James.

Jessie: Team Rocket blast over the speed of light,

James: Surrender now, or prepare to fight!

Meow, thats right!

LMAO everytime i hear this, pure sohais.

when i have nothing better to do..

 ...and since i have been slacking at home for 3 days and i have few more days to slack, people, don't be jealous, i had found a new addiction! The Pokemon Anime Series! Omg! Its total love! Awesome as ever.

and the series I'm currently watching is the Indigo League series!

I just love how cute Pikachu is and..

how annoying Misty can get. HAHAHA
but i still love her okay..

Ash, too is very loveable.

Who said teenagers are too old for cartoons? We are not robots, we need entertainments too okeh. Don't tell me you don't watch Pokemon. It used to be so famous. It still is in Japan. How sad it is not in Malaysia.

And I really wished that Pokemons were real, so that i can have one. Personally, i would love to have a Pikachu. Its my personal love, plus its colour is my favourite too. =)

I know, I'm talking nonsense already. So, till then.

Sunday, August 15

being sick.

Aiks, why must i fall sick on such time. I'm gonna miss school for at least 1 week. Fml. Imagine the school's homework, tuition's homework. gosh! And its damn itchy and distracting me all the time. I hate it! Well, what i can do is only sleep. So, goodnight.

Tuesday, August 10

Happy 14th. ♥

So, Happy 14th to dearest brother, Kelvin Lim!
Time for you to grow up and get a chick. =)
And so, sis and i planned a random celebration for him.
And twas quite a last minute plan too.
Here are some photos for you :

told ya it was a random celebration..
but hey, it was a sincere one okayy.

yet, he was flattered. =)

and i grabbed him for a photo. ♥

mann, he was a pro camwhore.

like sister, like brother.

when there is a shot with brother, there must be a shot with sister.

Once again,
Happy 14th Birthday!
Study smart, slacker.
And most important of all, obey me aka your SISTA!
you know ILY!♥

Enjoy being your King of the Day.

Saturday, August 7

HICT Summer Jeopardy Quiz! ♥

Okay, will start this post with greetings. Hello everyone! How are you, you and you doing? HAHA. Actually, i joined this Summer Jeopardy Quiz 2010 by HICT just for fun. Another reason is because the prizes were attractive. RM1000 for 1st place okeh! Thus, we joined. We did not win, but we had fun. And it really help to expand my general knowledge by tonnes! Do you know whats the currency of Qatar? Don't know right. Its Riyal! See, you learnt something. And there's many more lah of course. And i really respected 1 girl from SMK Seri Aman, named Latifah. She can answered almost every questions! OMFG! Do you know how tough was that? If there was an award for Best Individual, it would definitely be her. And now, some photos for you!

All photos are credited to Kimberly babe! =)


a picture with B is a must!

memorizing other countries' flags.

kimmy dear!

preparing for quarterfinal.

As conclusion, we had fun and we rocked it. Will definitely go again next year. Omg! I'm addicted to Jeopardy already.

Wednesday, August 4

the way u make me feel.

I don't know what I am doing.
And you, are really hot and cold all the time.
I really don't know what to do when i see you like that.
I may just offend you without knowing it.
This is the first time i cared so badly about someone's feeling.
Gosh, whats happening to me?
Can you please just cut down on the emo shits in you?
And thats it. I'm so gonna stay away from you, and be who i am.
I don't wanna care anymore.
I'm not gonna change myself just because of you.

If you want me to change, you yourself must make the change first.