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Tuesday, August 10

Happy 14th. ♥

So, Happy 14th to dearest brother, Kelvin Lim!
Time for you to grow up and get a chick. =)
And so, sis and i planned a random celebration for him.
And twas quite a last minute plan too.
Here are some photos for you :

told ya it was a random celebration..
but hey, it was a sincere one okayy.

yet, he was flattered. =)

and i grabbed him for a photo. ♥

mann, he was a pro camwhore.

like sister, like brother.

when there is a shot with brother, there must be a shot with sister.

Once again,
Happy 14th Birthday!
Study smart, slacker.
And most important of all, obey me aka your SISTA!
you know ILY!♥

Enjoy being your King of the Day.

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