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Wednesday, August 18

when i have nothing better to do..

 ...and since i have been slacking at home for 3 days and i have few more days to slack, people, don't be jealous, i had found a new addiction! The Pokemon Anime Series! Omg! Its total love! Awesome as ever.

and the series I'm currently watching is the Indigo League series!

I just love how cute Pikachu is and..

how annoying Misty can get. HAHAHA
but i still love her okay..

Ash, too is very loveable.

Who said teenagers are too old for cartoons? We are not robots, we need entertainments too okeh. Don't tell me you don't watch Pokemon. It used to be so famous. It still is in Japan. How sad it is not in Malaysia.

And I really wished that Pokemons were real, so that i can have one. Personally, i would love to have a Pikachu. Its my personal love, plus its colour is my favourite too. =)

I know, I'm talking nonsense already. So, till then.

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