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Saturday, August 7

HICT Summer Jeopardy Quiz! ♥

Okay, will start this post with greetings. Hello everyone! How are you, you and you doing? HAHA. Actually, i joined this Summer Jeopardy Quiz 2010 by HICT just for fun. Another reason is because the prizes were attractive. RM1000 for 1st place okeh! Thus, we joined. We did not win, but we had fun. And it really help to expand my general knowledge by tonnes! Do you know whats the currency of Qatar? Don't know right. Its Riyal! See, you learnt something. And there's many more lah of course. And i really respected 1 girl from SMK Seri Aman, named Latifah. She can answered almost every questions! OMFG! Do you know how tough was that? If there was an award for Best Individual, it would definitely be her. And now, some photos for you!

All photos are credited to Kimberly babe! =)


a picture with B is a must!

memorizing other countries' flags.

kimmy dear!

preparing for quarterfinal.

As conclusion, we had fun and we rocked it. Will definitely go again next year. Omg! I'm addicted to Jeopardy already.

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