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Wednesday, August 25

a very fucked up day..

Another normal schooling day. Quite dramatic today actually, because i actually got pissed with the other prefects. Irresponsible brats. Fuck you to the max!

And, Pn. Lim forgotten that i need to do my experiment today.
So, it was postponed to tomorrow, fml.

Another dramatic thing, today, after a late lunch with Botak and Wei Ting and Siew Lye, he fetched us home. And at a junction, when the traffic turned amber, Botak decelerates and stopped eventually. Then, the car behind start honking. When we looked to the back, he actually pointed middle finger to us. WTF! And he is a fucking Malay who is fasting for their "holy" Ramadhan month. I'm not being racist, but this is the fact. Third class mentality. If you're in a hurry to buka your puasa, then use aeroplane lah. Why do you even give a fuck to use a public road which is always busy. And he is such a immoral driver. Hellow, the fucking traffic light turned amber okayy. Fail your undang is it. Don't you know u have to start to stop when the light turned amber? I bet you "pao-ed" to pass. Even your license may be bought. Fuck you, immoral driver.

siew lye is smiling cuz she's in love!

Well, that sum up my day. Fml.
Klang-ian's mentality. People, when are you going to grow up and think like an adult?

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