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Thursday, March 31

the end of something is the beginning of a new thing! =)

Its the end of March already.
But somehow, i feel March was quite a long month.
Anyway, it passed by like nobody's business.
Which means, I'm closer to doomsday already.
Yet, what am I doing here? Fml.

Will be sitting for MUET test next week already.
So much expectations to be met. 
Fml again.
i can only afford to get Band 5 or Band 6. if i get Band 4, i fucking gonna retake it.

And today, I learnt that "I look forward to hearing from you soon" is CORRECT instead of "I look forward to hear from you soon".
Because, we look forward to something, not look forward to do something. 
Understand, no?
Then, Fyl.

Btw, its 31st. Did you get a bite of ice-cream from BR??
Pictures coming soon! =)

Last pic of the month.
Kiss goodbye, March.

Sunday, March 27

Jordan's 19th.

Hola readers, laptop is back!
So, blogging life is back too.
Wait, this week was a real hectic one. So many things happened.
So, i've got plenty to blog about.
Like, Parlimen trip and Penyiaran trip are still pending on photos.
Will update on it soon. =)

And yeah, on the 25th of March 1992, born an asshole named Jordan Lee Yong Kiang.
We had fun celebrated his special day with his mum and sister!

Pictures will do the talking ::

view of the day.

gang of the day

with Jordan's little sister, Tian Tian!

with Mr. Bird.

with birthday boy.

with Sen Chen.

with Yat Hong.

with Siew Lye.

while waiting for dinner..

Photos below are uncensored with gay actions! Please make sure your heart is strong enough before viewing.

replacing DK with Sen Chen.

the gay partner.

And some cheesy shits his brothers did for him.

he loves DK!

the aftermath.

dinner was FUN!

And now, for his suprise ::

the coolest 'birthday cake' of the century!

candle is made of Apollo. wtf

SUPRISE! is successful!!

look how happy he is.

with the presents.

he's touched with the messages we wrote *wink*

he loves Cloud 9!


its PAO-licious!

And thus, my Saturday was blasted with 6A1's magic!
Love you guys!

yours truly..

Sunday, March 20

Hiatus is ON!

Something happened to my laptop.
I lost all my documents and photos inside.

So, I'm gonna send it to repair and till then, my blog will be on hiatus.

Thursday, March 17


Whats the point of you working so hard in your life?
While you do not even know whether you're gonna survive today or not.

Whats the point of you studying so hard?
While most of the time you end up not working as what you originally planned?

Mom throwed a tantrum today, saying we're slacking too much.
I can understand that she's tensed with her work.
But really, whatever she said, i felt it.
Reality is, what am i studying for?
I lost my direction, i lost my interest, i lost the eagerness of going to school.
All I'm doing now is to study for exam. Full stop.

Met an old friend today and she told me she missed school (she's elder than me by 2 years).
And i start to think, will i really regret if i choose to quit?
Just like my friend, and her friend?

Life sucks when you're not enjoying it.

Tuesday, March 15

Lazy bump!

Okay, I admit in getting lazier and lazier in updating my blog.
Even when i sat whole day in front of the laptop, I don't feel like updating too.

Reason :: I'm so so so so lazy to resize all those photos.
So, this round I'm gonna blog without pictures. =)

So, sis treated me and brother Haagen Daz with her first salary of the year as a celebration for her excellent result.
It was quite a last minute plan, but we made it happen.
I know, you all will be questioning, shouldn't we be the one treating her???
The treat is coming soon. Hahaha
For photos, please refer the previous post.

Sorry, I know this is a lousy post. Promise will do better next time.


Thursday, March 10

Preview : Sis's Love!

Her first salary treat.

Wednesday, March 2

all my lil' heartthrobs!

Time flies so fast.
I had already worked at Kumon for 1year and 2months!
When i was working, time seemed so hard to pass.
But now, i kinda miss the time there already.
All those little kiddos are undoubtfully adorable!
And I'm missing them already..
Freedom comes with a price.

Few of my favourite students ::

Ivan Chong!

Emily, guess how old is she?

Xiao Xuen.

the crazy side of her.

Pin Yang with his stressed-out look.

Yi Ling.

Ryan Tan.
Also known as Strawberry!
and Kai Chern's son. LMAO

Julia Tee! She has a twin sister and her name was Julie.
They both have big dolly eyes!

Yi Wen, the smart girl.

Hong Li aka LiLi.
innocent boy.

Daryl Tan.

serious mode ON!

Ryan Lee.


Being cute.

Being shy!

p/s : the cutest kid there.


Dylan Peor!

big boss look.

the wanting-for-sweet look.

p/s : the naughtiest kid i've taught and the most talkative one too!

And there goes my one and half year in Kumon.
Su Yin also stopped on the same day as i do.
And we always sit beside each other.
She's also my BSM senior.
How small the world can be right..

Su Yin and I.

I definitely have alot of fun knowing super lot of new friends there.
Few are even studying with me now.
I seriously had loads of fun teaching there!
If you're looking for job, feel free to go for interview.