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Sunday, March 27

Jordan's 19th.

Hola readers, laptop is back!
So, blogging life is back too.
Wait, this week was a real hectic one. So many things happened.
So, i've got plenty to blog about.
Like, Parlimen trip and Penyiaran trip are still pending on photos.
Will update on it soon. =)

And yeah, on the 25th of March 1992, born an asshole named Jordan Lee Yong Kiang.
We had fun celebrated his special day with his mum and sister!

Pictures will do the talking ::

view of the day.

gang of the day

with Jordan's little sister, Tian Tian!

with Mr. Bird.

with birthday boy.

with Sen Chen.

with Yat Hong.

with Siew Lye.

while waiting for dinner..

Photos below are uncensored with gay actions! Please make sure your heart is strong enough before viewing.

replacing DK with Sen Chen.

the gay partner.

And some cheesy shits his brothers did for him.

he loves DK!

the aftermath.

dinner was FUN!

And now, for his suprise ::

the coolest 'birthday cake' of the century!

candle is made of Apollo. wtf

SUPRISE! is successful!!

look how happy he is.

with the presents.

he's touched with the messages we wrote *wink*

he loves Cloud 9!


its PAO-licious!

And thus, my Saturday was blasted with 6A1's magic!
Love you guys!

yours truly..

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