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Thursday, March 17


Whats the point of you working so hard in your life?
While you do not even know whether you're gonna survive today or not.

Whats the point of you studying so hard?
While most of the time you end up not working as what you originally planned?

Mom throwed a tantrum today, saying we're slacking too much.
I can understand that she's tensed with her work.
But really, whatever she said, i felt it.
Reality is, what am i studying for?
I lost my direction, i lost my interest, i lost the eagerness of going to school.
All I'm doing now is to study for exam. Full stop.

Met an old friend today and she told me she missed school (she's elder than me by 2 years).
And i start to think, will i really regret if i choose to quit?
Just like my friend, and her friend?

Life sucks when you're not enjoying it.

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