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Wednesday, March 2

all my lil' heartthrobs!

Time flies so fast.
I had already worked at Kumon for 1year and 2months!
When i was working, time seemed so hard to pass.
But now, i kinda miss the time there already.
All those little kiddos are undoubtfully adorable!
And I'm missing them already..
Freedom comes with a price.

Few of my favourite students ::

Ivan Chong!

Emily, guess how old is she?

Xiao Xuen.

the crazy side of her.

Pin Yang with his stressed-out look.

Yi Ling.

Ryan Tan.
Also known as Strawberry!
and Kai Chern's son. LMAO

Julia Tee! She has a twin sister and her name was Julie.
They both have big dolly eyes!

Yi Wen, the smart girl.

Hong Li aka LiLi.
innocent boy.

Daryl Tan.

serious mode ON!

Ryan Lee.


Being cute.

Being shy!

p/s : the cutest kid there.


Dylan Peor!

big boss look.

the wanting-for-sweet look.

p/s : the naughtiest kid i've taught and the most talkative one too!

And there goes my one and half year in Kumon.
Su Yin also stopped on the same day as i do.
And we always sit beside each other.
She's also my BSM senior.
How small the world can be right..

Su Yin and I.

I definitely have alot of fun knowing super lot of new friends there.
Few are even studying with me now.
I seriously had loads of fun teaching there!
If you're looking for job, feel free to go for interview.

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