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Monday, February 28

Reunion : SK(2)JBT.

Its been a long time since i last mention the name of my primary school.

So, we had a small gathering yesterday.
A last minute plan but was rather successful.
Many faces turned up, and i miss them so much!
Those who made it : ChuanHoong, Christopher, KeanKiat, CheeYuan, SenChen, SueWen, Ciuyi, Zoey, ShuEe and Mua!
Perfect 10! =)

What happened that night ::

testing 1 2 3..

The guys,
missing : James.

The girls,
missing : Sue Wen.

and she joined us after an hour late.

dear Ciuyi..

Now, photos with the guys ::

CheeYuan, the latest to arrive.

KeanKiat, the Casanova.

FuYuan, the Star.

Mr.Star again..

ChuanHoong, the Star's secretary.

Last but never least, SenChen the Jimui!

the awesome peepos!


ChuanHoong's bald head was the highlight of the night. So, we honoured it with a picture like this! ::

ahem, idk what zoey was trying to do..

Talking nonsense was what we did the whole night.
Nevertheless, the momentum was there.
Seeing these long unseen faces was really reminiscing.
I thanked God for i schooled at SK (2) Jalan Batu Tiga.
the coolest primary school in town! ♥

Photo credits : Sen Chen.
Camera : Nikon D3000.

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