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Friday, February 11


super love my hair!

Hey peeps, so its been a week since school reopen.
Cny is almost over too.
Tuition resumes too.
Back to that lifeless life again i guess.

So, how was your CNY?
Mine was kinda normal, or rather nothing special.
Angpau is getting lesser and lesser too.

Gambled and lost alot too.
Btw, took very less picture during CNY.
Don't ask me why..

Visiting friend's house is a must and this year, the best was ::

Jin Tzen's house!

Visited his house on the fourth day and sixth day of CNY. His parents was super sporting and his brothers too.
I think its a gene in his family to be joker. Lame joker especially. Haha.
Ate, gambled and lost, chatted and bathed in his house!
Super love his house's lighting.
They made pictures look good!

So lastly, i would like to end this post with a picture of me and him ::

the Jin Tzen's pose!
*sorry for the messy look.

photo credits : Jin Tzen!

*skipped cross country today, fml!

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