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Tuesday, February 22

STPM inspiration!


Dear Lord,
I'm not a greedy person. I just want a straight As for my STPM. Even if its 4A- I will be thankful already.
I know, not aiming the top is what a loser do. But, the bigger the hope, the bigger the disappointment. So yeah, straight As will do.

Just in case you don't know, my pressure level increased again. Pfft. Sis got 4 FLAT! F her right, but I'm damn proud of her too! Haha. Mr Guna said it in my face that my sis was a good role model of prefect. And expect me to do the same. Dies!

Okay, off to study. Physics homework is piling up. =(


You deserved it! all your sleepless nights burning midnight oils finally paid off! Haagen Daz! Yay

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