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Tuesday, February 15

you call that love, i call that despo!

Have you ever came across to know that your ex is currently dating your best friend?
Or your friend is dating your another friend's ex?
Or your current bf/gf dated your one of your friend before?

For example, today X was with A and few weeks later X hooked up with B. Note that A and B are best friends.
Wtf right.

I seriously cannot accept this kind of random shit okay.
Do you think he/she will be the right one for you because he/she dated your friend and they didn't make it to the end.(the end as in marriage)
Just because he/she dated your friend you consider yourself understand him/her well?

I call this pathetic people thirsting to end their singlehood.
Do you think is cool that today A and B and C and D are couple then tomorrow A and D and C and B become couple?
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These people are just desperate to be in a relationship.
Relationship shouldn't be like this.
Relationship is about lasting forever.
About you wanting to be with that person for the rest of your life.
People who are doing that just don't understand what love is.
You guys are just so pathetic.

No offence, just my two cents.

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