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Sunday, February 13

Postponed : Wen Ying's Farewell.

Oopsy, so this was a super delayed post on Wen Ying's farewell.
She left for Taiwan to further her study already.
I'm definitely gonna miss her dearly- no more cold jokes, no more gossiping.
Imagine how dull life will be without her. =(

And so sorry Wen Ying i missed your final farewell at your house last Friday.
And now, i don't really remember what we did on that night because this post overstayed in my draft for so long already.

So pictures will do the talking ::
photo with B is a must!

next up, kkloo.

a PHAILED lan yeh shot.

And that night, i gave my first time to them too.
My first visit to I-City. loser i know.

touched down safely at I-City.

gang of the night! \m/


And thats briefly what happened in that night.
Home sweet home at midnight!

the awesomeness of Physics students!
this picture so CNY right.. haha

have a rest for now!


Stay tuned,
Sor Wen.

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