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Tuesday, January 31

Joey is married.

Hey guys, I'm back for some update.
note that this is gonna be a not-so-positive post.

My friend got married! And guess what, she's only 19.

Why she got married?
- Because she got pregnant.

She was my secondary acquaintance (we never studied in the same class) but somehow we grew close due to our club. It was a mixed feeling when I received a call from her saying that she's getting married and she's inviting me. Few weeks back, I heard rumour about her getting pregnant. And the rumour was confirmed when she rang me. My jaw dropped!

Its not that I don't feel happy for her. I do. But, I don't think this will be the best for her future. Note that his husband is only 20, not to mention he does not have a stable career and stable income. And she got married in a very rushy manner. I don't like it.

To me, 19 shouldn't be the age where you get marry, but you should be enjoying life. Marriage is totally a new phase in life which should come much later. Anyway, I wish her all the best in her new life and may god bless her with a healthy baby.

p/s : Valentine's Day is coming. And to you couples out there, be responsible. Don't try to save on condoms. You don't want accidents to happen. And girls, be smart! Don't be a bimbo and just simply get laid!

the club mates.

Joey the bride.

Happy Chinese New Year!

Will blog about my CNY in the next post. Stay tuned!

Tuesday, January 17



Hello dear readers,
sorry for being missing in actions for 16 days since new year.

Not something i want, but my life is just too lifeless to have anything worthy to blog about. Yes, i'm that pathetic. :( Guess what, I'm actually blogging from my workplace now. I got hired by GroupEgo to handle their Facebook page and I'm currently working at Kota Kemuning.

So, while working I can actually steal a few hours minutes to update my Facebook, Twitter and even my blog. My colleagues are pretty awesome, but sometimes I can't really blend in with them. :/ There's a weird girl who doesn't like to smile and always talk with the China accent! Gosh, sometimes i feel like bitch slapping her so that she don't fucking show me her fucking emo face. Like I fucking care!

And yeah, how was your new year? I had a pretty awesome NYE night with my classmates BBQ-ing. Not all attended but yeah, it was fun! By the time the clock strikes 12am, a sudden feeling rushed through telling me I'm no longer a teenager. Aww, I'm getting older already :(

All right, will keep you guys posted. I'm hungry already so off to lunch.
Thanks for reading.