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Wednesday, January 23

Review : Skytrex.

Three days after coming back from Penang, I made my way to Bukit Cahaya for a getaway with Skytrex! So much thanks to Nuffnang for having me there. :)

Well, this is not my first time going for Skytrex. I went once few years back with my EXCOs and we went for the Big Thrill Challenge. This time, I tried the Extreme Challenge instead :))

To be honest, Extreme Challenge isn't too different from Big Thrill. It's just that Extreme Challenge has higher heights and more number of obstacles. Personally, I prefer Big Thrill over Extreme Challenge because I find the ending of Big Thrill is slightly more dramatic (where u end with flying fox) while the ending for Extreme Challenge is a bit.. meh. Maybe I'm a tad bit more extreme, so I expected more.

If you are an adventurous person, I strongly suggest that you go for Extreme Challenge! Climbing upwards to the height is no joke! It wears you out, in a good way :) And no, fear of height is not a problem because when you're up there, all you focus on is on the obstacles instead of the height. 

I was thankful for the weather that day. No sunblock needed at all. :) 

chilling with fellow bloggers before the challenge.

Nuffnangers with Nuffies :)

Before we start the challenge, we were briefed by very experienced instructors there about what we were about to go through. Everything was explained in detail and the instructors were all friendly. Gloves and water are strongly recommended for Big Thrill and Extreme Challenge. Fret not if you do not have them. They are selling it at RM3 per pair and renting a bottle holder for RM1.


waiting for the gloves and water holder.

The instructor fixing my harness.

the Extreme Challengers, ready to roll!

Another briefing on the tools and demo session before we get started.

And thus, we started with our challenge and I was among the first few that went in. One person is allowed to do each obstacle at a time and three person maximum is allowed on platform. So if one person got stuck, everyone at the back will be stalled too. If you don't like waiting, don't go with a gang of unfit people. Haha *no offence*

I was only smiling because of the camera. 
Was pretty serious clearing the obtacles..

LAST OBSTACLE - The Tarzan Swing!

Faces of the completers!

In the end, we were presented with certificates by the Skytrex team.

So grateful to have kehpoh there with me! :)
She did the Big Thrill!
Read her entry here :)

A group picture to end the day!

Happy bloggers going home :D

pictures are courtesy of Nuffnang and bloggers, edited by me.

The experience was superb but the new friends made are priceless! Thank you Nuffnang for giving me a free Skytrex adventure :D

Those interested, they actually have 3 packages to choose from.
Little Adventure - RM35 per person
Big Thrill - RM45 per person
Extreme Challenge - RM55 per person

For more info, you can check out their website here.
Make sure you make booking first so that your effort travelling there will not be wasted.

Skytrex is located at :

Skytrex Adventure Park
Taman Pertanian Malaysia
Bukit Cahaya Seri Alam
40000 Shah Alam
Selangor Darul Ehsan.


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