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Monday, January 7

Bad start for 2013.

I always have bad luck in the beginning of the year. Last year, I remember I got summoned by police on the second day of new year. And this year, my bag got stolen on the fifth day of new year. Talk about bad luck.

Ok you might say that it's a small deal because it's just a bag. But NO! It's a very big deal to me! Because I have everything inside that very bag! :(( My room key, my purse, my handphone, my matric card, my pencil case, my sweater, my bottle, my umbrella, my bigbang pouch, my exam slip - basically everything I need to survive in Penang!

And then, my purse has my bank cards, my IC, my driving license, my gym membership card, my pictures, my money, my starbucks card, my Aeroline card :( Can you feel my pain now?! Can you, can you?!!!!!!! Worst part is that I'm in my examination period and without my matric card/IC, I can't sit for my paper!

I seriously don't get why people would wanna steal people's thing. Dude, it doesn't belong to you! If you're reading this, you might be RM200+ and a S3 richer, but heck I curse you to fail your examinations and cannot graduate and sell nasi lemak by the roadside for the rest of your life (with bad business). And I hope all the bad things that anyone could think of happen all on you, YOU BLOODY THIEF!

If you are a Muslim, I hope Allah will punish you by not giving you "berkat" on whatever shit you wanna do in the future.
If you are a Buddhist, karma will come find you. And whatever you lose will be 10x more than me.
If you are a Hindu,  praying on Thaipusam, shaving your head, carrying the kavadi will do you NO good!
If you are a Christian, go and repent to your Lord, but you are still going to hell!

Call me mean, call me a bitch. But put yourself in my shoe, feel my pain and shut the fuck up.

Went to report to Jabatan Keselamatan but they don't seem to be able to help out with anything as well. The purpose of reporting to them is to be able to redo the matric card only wtf. USM's Sports and Recreational Management is even worse! I went to report today, and asked them whether is the CCTV functioning. And the officer replied me that those were not CCTVs but only for the guard to monitor. THEN WHERE THE FUCK IS THE GUARD WHEN MY BAG WAS STOLEN?! 

And the officer told me, "I pun kesian lah dengar kat cerita you. Tapi kami pun tak boleh buat apa-apa." Great answer. How irresponsible is that of the management.

Nevertheless, I'm very thankful to my coursemates/friends for helping me to share out the message on FB. I felt the love! Thank you guys. The thief might see the message eventually, but I don't think my stuffs will come back again. The person will be a saint if he/she returns all my items. Btw that person did not MISTOOK, but STOLE it intentionally. So forget about him/her returning it okay. Reported to police already but I don't think there will be any result. After all, we are living in Malaysia.

USM, apex my ass.


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