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Monday, January 28

We Love Asia Music Festival

This is quite a late post because the event took place on last week. 

In case if you don't know, this event was a two-day event happening in Sepang F1 Circuit (where GDA happened few days back). I was more than happy to be standing on the same ground GD did few days back. Haha. fangirl syndrome.

For this event, we had to thank ChurpChurp for giving us 4 tickets to the show! To make things better, I actually won 4 tickets and Suzanne won another 4! But I gave mine to Sue Wen as the first day was the same as the Nuffnang Skytrex day. 

p/s : I only attended on Sunday.

So my gig partners were non other than Suzanne, Wiron and Ruby! I gotta say they totally made the night worth it. Frankly speaking, non of us were those hardcore clubbers. So the music and everything was not really our type. The three of them went on Saturday and the event was more than only music festival.
They have game stalls set up for all the attendees to have fun. And heck, lots of freebies were given out too. Among them were t-shirts, light rings, lighter, free food tasting, pendrives and handprint pictures.

We actually got tossed into the water just to win the shirts! Thank god make up was light that night.

the shirt lights up with the beat of the music!

The atmosphere for the whole night was really high as people are just dancing everywhere to the music blown out by the DJ on stage. A lot of people were smoking too which make it highly uncomfortable. I was not surprised to see many young girls smoking. But it was really a sore to the eye. 

We actually got a special backstage pass from the party rock crew people and we were at the backstage throughout Redfoo's performance. It was really random but we actually got free boozes and real upclose with the party rock crew! :D

Did I mention Redfoo asked everyone to put their middle fingers up and he took off his pants during Sexy and I Know It performance! CRAZYYYYY


If you love clubbing, I got to say you missed a lot of fun that night! Thanks again to ChurpChurp for bringing us to such a great event. :))

Semester break has been awesome so far xD

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