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Thursday, January 17

GDA 2013 cum Semester break.

Annyeong guys! 

sorry for the bad quality photo.
My phone got stolen and I desperately used webcam to take the shot above .__.

A good news to you guys. I think my blogging addiction is back.

I've been wanting to blog for few days but I was too busy with my revision. Now that I'm here, means my final is over and HELLO 1 MONTH HOLIDAY! Hopefully I can update my blog more frequently during the semester break because I have so many happenings waiting for me! xD

Don't really wanna talk about the exams and how it goes. Result will speak for itself. So let's not stress ourself now worrying about the result first and enjoy holiday! I'll be back in Klang Valley from tomorrow onwards. The feeling of going home is the best! Home is where the heart is. So trueeeee. Honestly, Penang is not a bad place. Its just that Klang Valley happens to be better. :) 

I miss home. I miss my parents. I miss my siblings. I miss my chingus. And I miss all the dwaejigogi!

Frankly, my final exam cockblocked so many events happening this month! :( I was really sad especially when G-Dragon is coming for GDA happening in Sepang on 16th Jan (which is today) and I'm stranded all the way in Penang! Despaired.

The urge of buying a tix immediately and fly back to KL was so strong thanks to all the live update from Sepang! Ugh. But it will be crazy right for me to do that, so I calmed my tits and followed ALL the updates via Twitter. I was supposed to go jogging but I ended up not going and chose to follow all the updates instead-.- #LifeOfAFatty

Thank god for Twitter, I was well updated about the whole event the whole time :)
Thanks to everyone who was live-tweeting from the scene!

And and, GD changed his hair colour again! From black and pink to black and white! Cruella DeVill inspired? :/ Some VIP was really creative because they said it was a representative of panda (you know maknae of BigBang's nickname is Panda right?) 

And so the GRi ship sailed well tonight!

GD walked the red carpet with the newest addition to the YG Family, Lee Hi! Omg, she linked arms with GD!!!! And as you can see in the picture below, GD hold her hand after the media interview too! GD is such a gentleman! She is only 17 years old this year (same age as my bro) but she's is so lucky to be linking arms with the most wanted bad boy already?! Life is a troll. yes, ignore me for being sour. 

But I love Lee Hi okay. I liked her since her time in Kpop Star itself already! The other attendee from the YG Family is Epik High.

Lee Hi and G-Dragon at the red carpet.
Gorgeous gorgeous!

gentleman Ji!

Epik High.

Needless to say, YG Family's performances owned the night! From Lee Hi, to Epik High and lastly G-Dragon! I wasn't there physically but I definitely felt the heat just by reading and looking at pictures updated! Thanks technology for the creation of internet seriously..

YG Family swept a total of 9 awards the night too. 

List of the wins are as below ::

Best Newcomer Award - LeeHi
Digital Bonsang Award - 2NE1
Digital Bonsang Award - Big Bang
Digital Bonsang Award - Psy
Digital Bonsang Award - G-Dragon
MSN International Award - Big Bang
CeCi Popularity Award - G-Dragon
Best Hip Hop Star Award - Epik High 
Song of the Year - Psy

2012 has really been a great year for YG.

Lee Hi performing.

GD killing the stage!

all updates are from Twitter and credit goes to the respective owners

I'll be back tomorrow and hopefully I can make it to the airport to send them off :))
Die die also must see GD once since he came to my motherland!

With my semester break, I declare my new year. HAPPY 2013!
Things are just about to get fun ;)

Goodnight guys. 

Oh no, GD was spotted in KLIA this morning (17/1/13) leaving for Seoul already. And I'm still here in Penang! :(( This sucks! I hope he have a safe flight. *rolls on bed and cry*

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