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Tuesday, September 28


Sorry guys, i don't mean to break down today in school. But i just can't hold it. Somehow, i start to feel the pressure of exam already. Or you can just assume that I'm PMS-ing. Whatever. So people, if you're concerned, do not come near me for these few days, or I'll just pour everything right in front of you that it will scare the shits out of you. I bite.

I'm really stressed these few days, just ignore me if possible.

Yes, it's gonna be worth it.

Monday, September 27



By Der Tun Wong.

i just love the meaning. =)

thats something that i failed to do, and i regretted until now.

Sunday, September 26

so true!

True fact about girl.
I totally agreed!
This is what I'm feeling now. fml.

Saturday, September 25

touch and go.

Hello, blog! I miss you so much. Sorry for ignoring you.

Hey readers, sorry too. I've been busy with school recently. Especially this week, super lot of things to be done.

Okay okay, this post, i actually wanna dedicate to one sister of mine, Swee Ching!

Happy Birthday dearie.
Sweet 18th.

You know i love you.

                        the old good us.

p/s : i could actually write a longer post with more photos to you. I got so much to write you know! But something is wrong with my blog today, so i can't put many many photos. Anyhoo, i love you okay. =D

Sunday, September 19

just kill me.

I delayed so many homeworks that I've been woking on it for 4 hours, yet not even 1/4 of it is done. Procastination is fun, but the consequences suck a big time! OMG! School reopens tomorrow and tonnes of homeworks are pending. FML

Pardon me, I just wanna rant.

Back to work, ='(

Saturday, September 18

the great reunion! ♥

Seriously, could life get any better? Its oh-so-awesome to hang out with EXCO 08. You guys rock a million times!

VAD 43 Raya Open House was just a warm up.
Photo of the night ::

these are awesome people!

The next day, was the official reunion! Pang sanjus, so he missed all the fun. =(

My date of the day,

Mr. Kiri!

with mua, Missy Wen.


We camwhored while waiting for Sheila to prepare. I was actually spamming Syabil D60's shutter count.

with love, ♥.

Mahes and I.

Manoj, the mouse.
he's hot!

Mahes, the pengerusi.
future Ir. gonna be!

she was fully prepared with all her sunblocks and cap.
awesome kan? HAHA

dearest buddy! future doc duhh!

After picking Sheila, we headed to Bukit Cahaya!
Swimming is so fun with them.

Suez is sun bathing, to dry her clothes.

Left at 4pm.
Next destination, Selvaa!

Nothing is nicer than sitting at mamak with your gang and gossip like nobody's business!
I love mamak session! although this is not at night.

Home sweet home at 630pm. So early right, wtf.
The moments spent with you guys are just different.

This gathering shall undisputedly be crowned the best outing of this holiday!

Wednesday, September 15

Group study.

I love group study. Get to learn alot from friends. I realised that I'm actually not that smart, while Ben Dan is not really a Ben Dan. He is smart, he taught me alot. WTF.

*VAD 43 Raya Open House later, meeting EXCOs.
*movie with Sen Chen and Suez too.=)

Tuesday, September 14

fun time no more.

One week of tuitions marathon and fun is enough. Time to be serious. Tonnes of homeworks are waiting for me. Maths is killing my brain cells literally. And Physics need much attention. Ahh, someone(Ah Soh perhaps?) help me please. Form 6 is obviously not easy, i shall not regret the decision i made. Time to rock and roll babeh.

Saturday, September 11

am i outta my mind?

I miss all my piercings. They are all gone.

my top piercing when i was Form 2.

and my centre piercing when i was Form 3.

how i wish they are still there.

gonna pierce back soon. =)

wet blanket.

It really turns me off when i saw that you are ATTENDING!
Wtf, I seriously don't feel like going already.
After all the plannings i made with them.
Now you know how much you affect my mood.

Thanks and fuck you.

Friday, September 10

time to cut some fats.

Today after a 4 hour Chemistry tuition, went to release stress with classmates. Its badminton time! At first, we planned to go to Plaza Chi Liung, but the court was closed. So we changed to Setia Alam. Because the changes were unexpected, a lot of funny incidents happened. Shall not elaborate it here.

KPT, cannot wait to play.
Damn loserr one.

camwhored while waiting for B, Soh and Shin Siang to buy shuttlecock.
which one nicer ehh?

And here comes another loserr.

he found a pack of cigarettes.

and he got very excited..

then he put one in his mouth..
and tried to be emo.. WTF

someone need to poop.

Sorry to Xiu Hong, for screwing your plan of hamsap-ing Siew Lye. HAHAHA
And that practically made my day.

yours truly.

p/s : i actually supposed to go for a movie with Suey Erz darl. But, since no transport, it was cancelled. Screw.

Thursday, September 9


Fifth day of holiday.

This is what someone lifeless would do.
Which is to look for some old photos and reminisce those old good times.

this is how i look when i was 15.

man, i miss my hair.

my first activity as a B-Team.
First photo with Pei i guess.

Pn. Ong's daughter, QiQi!
She's grown up and so totally pwetty now.

This was when i was 16, the best year of my life!
I ♥ MEB 2008!

During VAD House Warming Party.
i looked damn different tho!

Last photo with my long hair before i got it chopped.

tadaa! new hair.

during Kem Pengembaraan & Interaksi.

miss my W810i.

best fwen, Maria.
(lala pose, i know.)

shinling aka Xiao Shuai.

my craziest KUS!
How could i not love her?

STK Prom 2008.
Love my bangs.


my hair has grown!
With Ita darling.

yours truly.

Its been a long time since i chop my hair. Shall do it soon. Hate my fringe now. Pfft.

Tuesday, September 7


Fourth day of holiday.

Holiday isn't like holiday. Even there's no school, I still have to go to school for some crappy meetings and tuition classes are almost everyday! Gosh, give me a break. I miss my EXCOs like crazy lah. Hope tomorrow's outing gonna work out. =)

By the way, alot of things happened recently. Maniraj's mother passed away, Ciuyi's grandfather passed away, Mei Li got married, Siew Lye is in a relationship and etc lah. Can things get anymore faster?

Gaydar wearing a pink slipper with a big rose.

Monday, September 6


And so, Xiu Hong won Miss Poon's heart.
Apa boleh cakap lagi?
Hope he'll cut down on his playfulness and be serious with her loh.
Or else, i'll chop his head!

another couple in my class. WTF

Sunday, September 5

what can i say?

First day of holiday :

Same routine as usual, Chemistry tuition at 1030am, Physics tuition at 330pm. So in between, got nothing to do. Went KP for lunch with Botak loh. Lifeless kan, i know. At 3pm, time to leave KP loh. When we leave the carpark, Botak laughed at the car in front because the driver's hand cannot reach the money machine. Then when its his turn, this is what happened.

He bang the divider. HAHAHA. And he blamed me for it. WTF. Anyhoo, sorry okay, I didn't know he would pay so much attention to what i'm saying till he bang the divider. Heart pain for his "sportcar". 7 month, 7 month, not my fault after all. =)

At night, went Setia Alam with old time buddies! Miss those moments in secondary.
Things do remain the same, but people changed. Fml.