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Friday, September 10

time to cut some fats.

Today after a 4 hour Chemistry tuition, went to release stress with classmates. Its badminton time! At first, we planned to go to Plaza Chi Liung, but the court was closed. So we changed to Setia Alam. Because the changes were unexpected, a lot of funny incidents happened. Shall not elaborate it here.

KPT, cannot wait to play.
Damn loserr one.

camwhored while waiting for B, Soh and Shin Siang to buy shuttlecock.
which one nicer ehh?

And here comes another loserr.

he found a pack of cigarettes.

and he got very excited..

then he put one in his mouth..
and tried to be emo.. WTF

someone need to poop.

Sorry to Xiu Hong, for screwing your plan of hamsap-ing Siew Lye. HAHAHA
And that practically made my day.

yours truly.

p/s : i actually supposed to go for a movie with Suey Erz darl. But, since no transport, it was cancelled. Screw.

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