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Thursday, August 30

Singapore Trip : Day #1

Hello! Sorry for the long wait! Singapore post is here! :D
There's simply too many photos and too much to blog about this trip. So, I'm gonna separate it into 3 different posts for 3 different days :)

Day #1

An advise for those who wants to travel to Singapore, never ever take the train because the journey is simply too torturing! Too cold, too jumpy, etc... And it drenched all your energy :(

Thus, my first day was not too happening. It was supposed to be, mind you. Kimberly (the planner) actually planned a brilliant plan regarding where to go and whatsoever! 

p/s : thanks for everything, Kim! :)

But, the long train journey makes us all feel so exhausted and sleepy. So, I didn't really enjoyed the first day. Went Bugis Street and got nothing, can you believe? -.-

But still, there are events that are worth being happy about! :D 
Meeting Sun Woei on her birthday in foreign land, amazing! :D
Meeting Ciuyi who is studying in NUS now! :DD
Staying in the best backpacker hostel everrrr! :DDD

the gang, in KL Sentral.

the nerd specs gang! HAHAHA

. . .

Trust me when I say don't take the train.
They stop so long at some stations, the one I remembered the most will definitely be the JB Sentral station! Because we even have time to camwhore!!! LOL

NannyGagaa :D

Can you imagine how cold the train is considering the fact that everyone is wrapped until this state?! 

Master of camwhoring! 

Started our journey at 11pm on the 8th and reached Singapore 730am the next day!
Its Singapore's National Day btw! :D

One silly incident happened at the custom, Kim was detained for bringing pepper spray! :O
Wasted so much time there. one of the shit that happened throughout the trip. x(
So readers, don't ever bring pepper spray to Singapore! -.-

Then, we headed to our home for the next 3 days aka Chinatown! 

Right at the MRT exit/entrance.


Berry Nice by Berry Good Hostel!

p/s : I swear, the hostel lives up to its name! BERRY NICE! 
Lovely staff, lovely environment, just lovely! :D

. . .

So happy to meet Sun Woei in Singapore! 
It was her last day there and its her birthday and its SG's national day! 
Happening date. HAHA

Met Ciuyi too! 
Singapore burns her! Her skin was peeling :/

While waiting for MRT...
awkward Ciuyi and I! LOL

going to Bugis!

No pictures were taken in Bugis because everyone separated to do their own shopping.

One word to describe Bugis St. on public holiday, CROWDED!
Plus the fact that we are all tired, didn't really enjoyed Bugis! BOOHOO :(
Went back to hostel for a rest. Parted with Ciuyi. :(

At night, we went to Marina Bay Sands.

Few things,
#1 MRT stations were super crowded, singaporeans are all out celebrating their national day. so patriotic.
#2 Stupid MRT went haywire and keep send us back to the same station despite we changed the lane.
#3 We are still tired. A tired man is an angry man too.
#4 Got so pissed with the MRT and almost miss the light show.
#5 But we made it :)

beautiful metropolitan!

high like a G6!

waiting for the light show :)

and pretty Peng Lan! :D

amazing building structure!

whatever that giant thing behind is, the water was twirling and pouring non-stop!

Andy, the infamous bitch! LOL

Byy! :D

love this shot! HAHAHA

. . .

The light show was simply amazing!!!!
You just got to experience it and judge for yourself the level of awesomeness the light show had!
Totally worth all the hassles we went through to get to Marina Bay Sands! :)

it was pretty late after we finish the light show and go back to Chinatown.
So, the street is empty!

p/s : Singapore has no mamak as far as I'm concerned! Malaysia rocks! LOL

Day#2 and Day#3 posts coming soon! :D
Thanks for reading! 

Goodnight! :D

Saturday, August 25


Annyeong readers! 
Yours truly is officially 20 now. Yes, I'm no longer a teen and that makes me sad! D:
Joking, I am ready for the next phase in life! :D

Well, I was working in i-City for the past 8 days and that explains my MIA for these few days. Besides, I was working for on my birthday too. Depressing! Not to mention I missed Nuffnang's Premiere of Katy Perry : Part of Me 3D! *cries* :(((

Yep, got a few birthday wishes via sms and got tonnes of birthday wishes via Facebook :/
But the special one that made my day is none other than the one from my bro ::

silly bro 

At first, I was really sad about the fact that I have to work on my birthday. But kehpoh made my day as she dated me to redeem our Delicious deal bought from Living Social since very long ago. LOL. 

kehpoh nom-ing :D

The date turns out to be a surprise mob from the gang!


And heck, I was really surprised!
Honestly, I wasn't really expecting anything from them because everyone is so busy with the uni preparations!
Thanks for making time for me! :')
You guys made me feel so appreciated!

the gang 

So, I went to work with a mixed feeling! Happy because they celebrated for me, sad because i still need to work :( 

Little did I know that I'm gonna get another surprise from sis's friends whom work together! Thanks MeiLing, Wiron and YunChin! :D

Thanks for the presents too!
Adrian (lol) the name is sticking, Suez, Kimberly, Pang, Andy, Sangkara and Lawrence!

Thanks for keeping your promise! 
I remember I requested for a bottle after I lost mine during Avril's concert! :(

This year's birthday may be the one that I have the least expectation. But it turns out to be the most SURPRISED birthday everrrr!

Thanks everyone for the wishes.

20 and counting on.. :)


Edited ::

A birthday present from Suzanne, the BIGBANG kaki!
So, I'm sharing with all of you!
If you know me well, you'll know how much I love GD! HAHA

Thursday, August 16

Review : Hantu Gangster

Synopsis ::

Three gangster groups made up of Malay, Chinese and Indian, for the past 50 years, has ruled a local town, Klang in Malaysia. Te Sai ( Namewee) who was a conman stole a ring in the funeral of the gangsters and turns out the ring contains the spirit of the three gang leaders who was killed by Ewan ( Farid Kamil) in order to be the new leader of all three gangster groups. Te Sai, being guided by the three leaders' spirits must do all he can to stop Ewan's evil plan and reinstill the unity once created by the three deceased leaders.

Review ::

This is a local production that is praise-worthy! Not only did this movie features a lot of local big shots such as Farid Kamil, Dato Jalaluddin Hassan, Dato David Arumugam, Reshmonu, Mizz Nina and Amber Chia, Namewee did a very good job proving that local places such as Klang too can be a good location to shoot movie! *proud Klangite moments*

Well, back to the plot, thumb's up! Most of the jokes inside are like typical malaysian jokes! Only Malaysian gets it! :D Besides being comedic, the movie does convey a moral in the end. The whole movie pinpointed on the fact that we Malaysian needs more unity among the races! Serves as a very good reminder to all of us. 
Watch it if you love your country! LOL, jk!

But well, it definitely is a movie worth watching :D

p/s : does not mean that its alright for us you to join gang.

Rating : 8.5/10

Tuesday, August 14

Last Day of Work in GroupEgo.

Time ticks so fast that its already August. O.O
Without realising, I've been working for this company for 7 months.
Working from the office in Kota Kemuning, till we shifted to Kelana Jaya.

Well, 7 months is not a long nor a short period of time.
I made friends. And I love them.
Thanks for the 7 months of wonderful working experience (although most of the time my job is FB only, LOL)

Thanks Milo, for being a very good superior, always standing up for us.
Thanks Jess, for always buying delicious foods. :D
Thanks Radius, for all the kpop talks. HAHA
Thanks Ardy, for making sarcastic jokes during lunch hour. I'll miss it.
Thanks Kien, for teaching me about zip/rar thingy. And some advises regarding Engineering courses.
Thanks Henry, for all the life experience shared.
Thanks Jun Hui, for all the tips given regarding Mass Comm and USM. HAHA
Thanks Fernnie, for the photos! :D

Radius who happened to be leaving the company too.
Shared farewell. :D

L-R : Radius, Milo, yourstruly, Jess, Kien, Ardy, Henry, Jun Hui.
yes, our dresscode for work is casual like that :D

Last but not least, thanks for the cake!

We shall meet again. :D

Friday, August 3

Review : Step Up Revolution

Last Wednesday was the day I watched Step Up Revolution! Yeaps, I get to watch it a day earlier before any of you (except you were at the premiere screening with me :D) thanks to Nuffnang! Invited Suez this time instead of my sis. LOL

How did I win it? We were asked to write a blogpost about how we will plan a flashmob. Surprising enough, my entry won me the third place and I won an exclusive Step Up Revolution water bottle worth RM250! :O

You can read my entry here :)

was a lil disappointed with the tickets design :/

thank you Nuffnang! :D

It was hell of a journey for us to get to e@Curve because both of us don't really know how to get there. Usually my sis drives me there. But still, we managed to get there! HAHA. Thanks Andy, Lawrence and Adrian(lol) for accompanying us there :)

Summary ::

The story revolves around Sean, a member of The Mob, trying to make name for themselves and trying to win a online competition on youtube via their mob videos. Then, comes another lady called Emily, who aspires to become a professional dancer in Miami. Both Sean and Emily sparks chemistry and eventually, she joined The Mob. However, Emily's dad was planning on developing the neighbourhood of Sean causing them to create the protest art! 

Review ::

The movie was pretty normal. Not too boring and not too over the roof. All the choreography of the dances they did were simply amazing and mind blowing! No doubt, all the cast were superb dancers. If you love dancing, this movie is for you. If you don't like dancing, watch it and I bet you would wanna shake your booty!
p/s : Sean (Ryan Guzman) is damn damn HOT!

Rating : 7/10