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Saturday, August 25


Annyeong readers! 
Yours truly is officially 20 now. Yes, I'm no longer a teen and that makes me sad! D:
Joking, I am ready for the next phase in life! :D

Well, I was working in i-City for the past 8 days and that explains my MIA for these few days. Besides, I was working for on my birthday too. Depressing! Not to mention I missed Nuffnang's Premiere of Katy Perry : Part of Me 3D! *cries* :(((

Yep, got a few birthday wishes via sms and got tonnes of birthday wishes via Facebook :/
But the special one that made my day is none other than the one from my bro ::

silly bro 

At first, I was really sad about the fact that I have to work on my birthday. But kehpoh made my day as she dated me to redeem our Delicious deal bought from Living Social since very long ago. LOL. 

kehpoh nom-ing :D

The date turns out to be a surprise mob from the gang!


And heck, I was really surprised!
Honestly, I wasn't really expecting anything from them because everyone is so busy with the uni preparations!
Thanks for making time for me! :')
You guys made me feel so appreciated!

the gang 

So, I went to work with a mixed feeling! Happy because they celebrated for me, sad because i still need to work :( 

Little did I know that I'm gonna get another surprise from sis's friends whom work together! Thanks MeiLing, Wiron and YunChin! :D

Thanks for the presents too!
Adrian (lol) the name is sticking, Suez, Kimberly, Pang, Andy, Sangkara and Lawrence!

Thanks for keeping your promise! 
I remember I requested for a bottle after I lost mine during Avril's concert! :(

This year's birthday may be the one that I have the least expectation. But it turns out to be the most SURPRISED birthday everrrr!

Thanks everyone for the wishes.

20 and counting on.. :)


Edited ::

A birthday present from Suzanne, the BIGBANG kaki!
So, I'm sharing with all of you!
If you know me well, you'll know how much I love GD! HAHA

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