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Thursday, August 16

Review : Hantu Gangster

Synopsis ::

Three gangster groups made up of Malay, Chinese and Indian, for the past 50 years, has ruled a local town, Klang in Malaysia. Te Sai ( Namewee) who was a conman stole a ring in the funeral of the gangsters and turns out the ring contains the spirit of the three gang leaders who was killed by Ewan ( Farid Kamil) in order to be the new leader of all three gangster groups. Te Sai, being guided by the three leaders' spirits must do all he can to stop Ewan's evil plan and reinstill the unity once created by the three deceased leaders.

Review ::

This is a local production that is praise-worthy! Not only did this movie features a lot of local big shots such as Farid Kamil, Dato Jalaluddin Hassan, Dato David Arumugam, Reshmonu, Mizz Nina and Amber Chia, Namewee did a very good job proving that local places such as Klang too can be a good location to shoot movie! *proud Klangite moments*

Well, back to the plot, thumb's up! Most of the jokes inside are like typical malaysian jokes! Only Malaysian gets it! :D Besides being comedic, the movie does convey a moral in the end. The whole movie pinpointed on the fact that we Malaysian needs more unity among the races! Serves as a very good reminder to all of us. 
Watch it if you love your country! LOL, jk!

But well, it definitely is a movie worth watching :D

p/s : does not mean that its alright for us you to join gang.

Rating : 8.5/10

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