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Friday, August 3

Review : Step Up Revolution

Last Wednesday was the day I watched Step Up Revolution! Yeaps, I get to watch it a day earlier before any of you (except you were at the premiere screening with me :D) thanks to Nuffnang! Invited Suez this time instead of my sis. LOL

How did I win it? We were asked to write a blogpost about how we will plan a flashmob. Surprising enough, my entry won me the third place and I won an exclusive Step Up Revolution water bottle worth RM250! :O

You can read my entry here :)

was a lil disappointed with the tickets design :/

thank you Nuffnang! :D

It was hell of a journey for us to get to e@Curve because both of us don't really know how to get there. Usually my sis drives me there. But still, we managed to get there! HAHA. Thanks Andy, Lawrence and Adrian(lol) for accompanying us there :)

Summary ::

The story revolves around Sean, a member of The Mob, trying to make name for themselves and trying to win a online competition on youtube via their mob videos. Then, comes another lady called Emily, who aspires to become a professional dancer in Miami. Both Sean and Emily sparks chemistry and eventually, she joined The Mob. However, Emily's dad was planning on developing the neighbourhood of Sean causing them to create the protest art! 

Review ::

The movie was pretty normal. Not too boring and not too over the roof. All the choreography of the dances they did were simply amazing and mind blowing! No doubt, all the cast were superb dancers. If you love dancing, this movie is for you. If you don't like dancing, watch it and I bet you would wanna shake your booty!
p/s : Sean (Ryan Guzman) is damn damn HOT!

Rating : 7/10


  1. Hi there~

    Cool, they are premiering soon in my country [slow I know] and it bothers me that I might not get tickets. Anyway, nice blog you have here!~ And I'm glad you are a VIP too.

    Add me at Facebook if you have :)

    1. Hey there Ezzati!

      Thanks for reading :D
      Wahaha, so glad that you're a VIP as well!
      Happy to know you! :)