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Tuesday, August 14

Last Day of Work in GroupEgo.

Time ticks so fast that its already August. O.O
Without realising, I've been working for this company for 7 months.
Working from the office in Kota Kemuning, till we shifted to Kelana Jaya.

Well, 7 months is not a long nor a short period of time.
I made friends. And I love them.
Thanks for the 7 months of wonderful working experience (although most of the time my job is FB only, LOL)

Thanks Milo, for being a very good superior, always standing up for us.
Thanks Jess, for always buying delicious foods. :D
Thanks Radius, for all the kpop talks. HAHA
Thanks Ardy, for making sarcastic jokes during lunch hour. I'll miss it.
Thanks Kien, for teaching me about zip/rar thingy. And some advises regarding Engineering courses.
Thanks Henry, for all the life experience shared.
Thanks Jun Hui, for all the tips given regarding Mass Comm and USM. HAHA
Thanks Fernnie, for the photos! :D

Radius who happened to be leaving the company too.
Shared farewell. :D

L-R : Radius, Milo, yourstruly, Jess, Kien, Ardy, Henry, Jun Hui.
yes, our dresscode for work is casual like that :D

Last but not least, thanks for the cake!

We shall meet again. :D

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