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Friday, November 15

Sarawak, the Land of Hornbill.

Its currently 3:45am while I'm writing this. I should be doing assignments but heck, I decided to do what makes me happy. Hence, I'm here blogging! This semester has been too much so I can't bother to care more anymore. Let's just go with the flow and see where it brings me. 

Alright before I spoil this post with all my emo feelings, lets go back to business and yeah, I'm writing about my first ever Borneo trip! (read it in Ryan Higa's "first scene of the day" tone lol) 

Guess what? I finally step foot into the other part of Malaysia! Woohoo, achievement unlocked! What's even better is to go explore with a bunch of people I can go crazy with :D I love Sarawak so much! Those of you that have not been there, go and be impressed with how big the roundabouts are! 

There's basically 3 things I love about Sarawak : the people, the foods and the culture!

Well, the people that I met there are basically from Peninsula but considering the fact that 2 of my debate trainers are from Sarawak, that makes Sarawakians awesome! 
Food wise, Sarawakians are so generous about the servings and the best part of it, NO TAX! You heard read me, no freaking tax! (Except for franchises like KFC, McD -.-) My favourite food has got to be the Sarawak laksa, one of a kind! 
Best part of this whole trip was my visit to the Sarawak Cultural Village. It was truly an eye-opener to me. Feels like, all the history that I learned back in secondary has come to live.

Goodbye Penang and hello Sarawak!

Kuching International Airport.

My dear president, Ferl. lol

USM debaters, ready to have fun!

Tourist moment.

And then it got too much. -.-

Who else other than my B studying in UniMas? :D
Thank you for bringing us around and round and round Kuching :D

Truth be told, we were there on a mission. 
We were there for a debate competition. The Borneo British Parliamentary Championships (BBPC).

And this is us halfway through the workshop conducted by Logan.

The super veteran debater, Logan!

Gotta love Sharing Cafe for this quirky idea, although we were bummed that there's no wifi.
Ironic but yeah.

After a whole day of debating (adjudicating for me), spent the second night in Kuching with my Klang homies :D

And I finally met Cindy, Sen Chen's bestfriend in UniMas.

Throwing in a picture of one of the debate motions to prove I really went for a debate tournament! Lol
And this was the final round motion of BBPC.

Ling, Chi Kuan, Adrian, yours truly and Jackson! Thats the name Tan and Pang go by in Sarawak lol
How Chi Kuan and Ling know each other is still a mystery. Hmm...

Group photo at Wakakakaka Cafe.
Totally not kidding about the cafe's name.

Just cuz we look awesome in this pic! Hehehe

Us girls, sorry I think I spoiled the picture.
And Isaac dumped us for his friend too. Lol

Picture does not do this serving any justice!
This was enough to feed 3 people!

And this was enough to feed 3-5 people according to the menu.
At the end of this trip, all of us got phobia with western foods hahaha.

Kolo Mee. Too dry and too oily at the same time.
Me don't likey.

Sarawak laksa! Slurps.
My favourite food of all :DDD

Sio bee.
Feels so trolled that sio bee is actually Siu mai in hokkien. And we thought it was some really special local delicacy. Haha. Nevertheless, it was good, just that we were too full to truly savour in something that we can get back in Peninsula.

Seafood dinner with Ivy's family!
This was not even half of the dishes. 
So grateful to Ivy for such a splendid meal.

Thank you Ivy and aunties! :D

Tried on the iban traditional costume for the first time.
The accessories are bloody heavy -.-


Love this Friendship Park in the middle of town where people can exercise, walk or even dance regardless of the time of the day.
The last time I saw/visited a park like this was in Korea.

And of course we celebrated Ferl's birthday!
Blessed 22nd. 

Lastly, visited the Chinese Museum near Waterfront and was amazed by the surnames of Chinese.

Can you spot yours?

Lim. Took me awhile to find it.

And that's Lee!

Sarawak has been amazing and I definitely wanna go back for the orang utans and rafflesia! Oh, and I have to visit Miri for Gua Niah/Gunung Mulu. Till then, back to assignments. :((

Friday, November 1

Here we go, Kuching!

Whaddup people!

Haha, sorry (I'm not sorry) for the big ass selfie. 
I'm proud to announce, after 21 years living in Malaysia, I'm going to Sarawak! 
Finally stepping my feet into Borneo/East Malaysia for the first time ever.
Achievement unlocked i guess? Lol.
The legit reason is for BBPC Debate Competition in UniMAS. But it also means visiting and travelling!
Woohoo, first trip with university mates too.
Can't wait to see Sen Chen there! xD
I'm too excited to think straight!

Till then!