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Monday, July 21

Sexual Harassment

Yesterday while working as a promoter, I was sexually harassed by one of the Tesco worker. This is not my first time working as a promoter and its normal for the staffs to joke with you. But when the jokes go overboard, never tolerate this kind of bullshit!

So this was what happened:

A staff came up to me near my promo booth and started asking for my name. When I refuse to tell him my name, simply brushing him off asking him to call me Amoi like how most people generally do. Then he proceed to start winking at me and touching my shoulder! This got me angry! I started talking fiercely to him and asked him to stay away, even rolled my eyes at him! Pfft. He did stayed away from me but stands near close vicinity and took out his phone. Holy mother of all fucks he snapped a photo of me! I wasn't too sure if he was snapping my photo in the first place because when I saw him took out his phone I tried to back face him all the time. Then, I heard a camera click sound (so dumb don't even know how to silent his phone -.-), which means he snapped a photo of my back, or my butt I assume! Now I'm really really angry! Never felt so violated in my life before! 

The store manager coincidentally passed by and I went to him and filed a complaint about that staff disturbing me immediately. The manager questioned him and he dare denying it at first! Was so near my boiling point to start throwing curse words at him. Cb. Apparently it was not him first time being complained so the manager trusted me more. The manager checked his phone and fuck he really took my photo. Fucking pervert. Filed a complaint to the security and now he is not allowed to talk or come near me anymore. Actions will be taken, CCTV footage is my proof, the photo of me he took is my proof and I hope he get fired by the higher management.

So the purpose of this post is to tell all you ladies out there, NEVER BE AFRAID TO SPEAK UP! If you don't speak up, you are basically condoning his actions and he will only get bolder each and every time. Do I feel ashamed? No. It is not my fault and he was not supposed to do that in the first place. So I choose to report him and tells everything he did to me to the manager. 

Approximately 30 minutes later, the story spread like fire to most of the staffs and most of them gave me words of encouragement and told me that the guy had a lot of cases previously with other staffs as well as customers. Which means he memang is a pervert. Just imagine if I did not report about him and got my photo deleted from his phone, he might be fapping to my photo already eww fuck!


I hope my story can encourage you victims of sexual harassment to speak up and put those culprits to punishment they deserve.