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Monday, November 29

one of the day when people became LOA





Sunday, November 28

yet, i miss..

i miss everything about RC..
what is wrong man.

i miss all these ::

Who else i can do all these with if it is not you guys ::

Because of RC,
I had my first overnight.
I had my first vacation without parents.
I had my first prom.
I had the best buddy in the world.
I had an awesome bunch of people in EXCO'08.
I had an awesome 16th year of life.
I went to almost every schools in Klang.

I actually will have a heavy heart if i were to let go of RC.
Its in my blood already, fml.

I can't let go, and i won't let go.
guess there's where i belong.

i still suck in time management.

GG session needed.

Yeah, its been a long time since i hangout with my girls.
Both exco girls and school girls.
Am already wondering when we can meet up, even just to gossip?
Everyone is so busy with their own lives.
What about friendship?
I need to meet up and talk craps people.
Or else, my mouth gonna karat already.

and you, mind you, wtf is wrong with you? I'm a 08 member doesn't mean i can give a full commitment to VAD 43. I don't want to make it sound so personal, but you started to attack me in facebook first. I know, i'm still fucking in Klang and you are already out of Klang pursuing you study in Perak. So? Does this mean that you have the  privilege not to give commitment? I have my Form 6 life to live and you have your university life to live. Does this mean mine is easier to live than yours? I also have my finals to study for and mine is as important as yours!

yeah, you sent messages and emails to remind us not to forget where we come from. What about you? Distance should not be a problem for you to pour your commitment. When there is a will, there is a way. You have your ways to call for meeting although you're at Perak, but you can't do anything to show up? So what is the point of the meeting without the planner? Forget that, and i did reply to emails and messages. I'm not MIA-ing, you *****.

What about the other 08s that are MIA-ing? I don't see you sounding them! guess what? you made me feel so sick about everything now. I should not have joined! This is not volunteerism, but a forcing. You are literally forcing each and everyone of us still in Klang to commit while you're enjoying your life there, without all the pressure we're facing here! Is this fair? Judge it yourself, M.S.

Friday, November 26

Quotes to share.

Life's a bitch, if it were easy it'd be a slut.
Death is life's way of telling you that you've been fired.

Try not to become a man of success, but rather, try to become a man of value.
-Albert Einstein.

Woman are meant to be loved, not to be understood.
-Oscar Wilde.

Whenever you find you are on the side of the majority, it is time to pause and reflect.
-Mark Twain.

Wise men talk because they have something to say; fools, because they have to say something.


I feel so much more confident after reading all these quotes. yes, i am, and will survive the Form 6 period.
#credits to Quotes &Phrases.

Thursday, November 25

Sepak Takraw, Asian Games.

Since i was home all day today, of course i glued my eyes to the television for few hours. And i came across the sepak takraw match between Malaysia and Thailand(final).

Malaysian team lost 12-21, 19-21. I must say the second set was quite thrilling. And, there are few points i wanna make.

Firstly, Malaysian team's Tekong is so FAT! no wonder his service keep foul.
Secondly, the Right Inside at the first match was so nervous! all i can see is that he keeps mumble to Allah to let him score that point! wth!
Thirdly, substituting the Right Inside from Futra Abd Ghani to Mad Ghani is really the correct choice!

And and, the Tekong of Thailand, Wirawut Na Nongkhai is so much younger, and cuter! He's only 19 this year, my gawd! His service was so sharp and furious loh. No wonder Malaysian team will lose lah. Worse still, he's only the second choice Tekong of Thailand. Imagine if they played their first choice. Malaysia team can straight go home tanam jagung already. Their Right Inside (Anuwat Chaichana) was great too. but abit cocky loh. Keep pointing his finger to Malaysian Team once he scored a point. Niapot!

Thank god, the young blood, Mad Ghani did back the same too. Haha.

Anuwat Chaichana is action.

They look like superman hor. Now i realised that Sepak Takraw can be a very fun game. Its so awesome to see them flung their leg so high to hit that ball. Even better, how they land on their butt after trying to block the opponent's strike. Too bad, this game is usually played by Malays only. Or else, i would really like to try it. eventhough i got short legs.

Malaysian's turn to show off.

Rupa-rupanya, Thailand had been Malaysia's Sepak Takraw rival for so many years. Still, Malaysia lost again. (We still won Silver, so nevermind lah. Try again 4 years later loh.) Apapun, before i end this post, i must say, Wirawut Na Nongkhai is really cute! i can't get a proper pic of him. or else, he'll be all over my blog by now.


Tuesday, November 23

Old Boy's Dinner

 This was a post i missed, so imma post it now.
So, the Old Boy's Association (OBA) invited the prefectorial board for their annual gathering dinner.
It was at Holiday Villa, Subang.

First, the place was classy.
Second, the ballroom was awesome.
the food sucks. Its either too salty or tasteless.
kinda disappointing for a 4-star hotel.

Hmm, it was quite a fun thing to do with all the prefects though.
I guess it helps to enhance the bond between Form5 and Form6 perfects too.
Met alot of current and ex teachers, which was quite awesome.

We had a free table and what we have to do basically is just to help them in collecting the donation.
The donation collected on that day was RM52,000! Crazy right, just one night you know!

Some funny incidents on that day ::
First, some old uncles was looking at us because we had a table and we all look so young. and they were all doubting, this table graduated which year?

Nabilla was super busy putting electric everywhere. She even pose before talking to the waiter to ask him to add some tea. whatthehell!

We took photographs with Dato Krishnan and an uncle came with his handphone and snapped us. Worst part was, his friend was saying : zoom za bo tio eh sai liao! mother!

I now know that Pn. Kion's other name is Pn. Kehsu. so cool right, she actually had a japanese husband.

Was planning to take photographs with teacher, but tak jadi because it was very late already and we're rushing home.

So now, pictures time!

outside the ballroom.

the noticeboard.

the prefects gang.

captain showing off his iphone.


the "electric putting" girl on that night and captain.

Kai Ping, an OBA scholarship receiver.
and captain, again.

Xun Kin, my assistant.
And a busy photographer on that day.

Kai Ping's hairdo.

Blurred. but nice.

With Dato and his committee.

Last, but not least,

(stunning toilet bowl. LOL)

Thats all for the night!

p/s: i reached home at 12am, slept at 1am, and woke up at 530am the next day for Marathon.
can't believe i actually did it.

Sunday, November 21

Charity Run :: Steps of Hope 2010

Today was the day!
Still, i can't believe i participated in a marathon. Freaking 7.8km long okay. And i finished 24/140++ people under my category. proud enough already. =)

This was how early we left home ::

the sun is not even up.

can you see us?

As usual, i met lotsa people there of course. well, my social network sibeh wide one okay. First it was Jude, Henry and Leonard. Then, i saw Andrea was on duty for St. John. Saw some classmates and schoolmates for sure! And and, the quite unexpected one - Ru Hui and Nicole!

Let pictures do the talking ::

the sampat gang.

better known as KU gang.
*i'm proud of them loh plez*

Jolene, currently studying in ALC.

Khai Jian, the 4-flat face.
STPM is like in 2 more days but he still can so relax and walk here walk there.
Quite shocked to see him there btw.

Nicole and..

Ru Hui from BU.

Now for current classmates ::

Jia Yap.


this supposed to be a very nice shot, but Kae Luen spoilt it. pfft.

so, take 2!

gentlemen, she's single. =)

Top 3 trophy.
Win Cean's.
He super crazy loh.
Stamina damn high and can run damn fast.

now, this is mine.
I only got medal lah.
I know i noob.

Sohpoh posing with MY medal. hahaha

Thus, we finished the marathon proudly and surely.

my number tag.

It was quite fun generally, but the running process was quite suffering okay. At certain part of the race, it does cross my mind : wtf am i doing here? I should be sleeping at home, my gawd.
worst still, there was like a mini hill part at the end. I almost died!

Will this be my first and last marathon? hahaha.

A day with Pei Shin! ♥

So, this was supposed to be a post on last Wednesday.

KK, Shin and I went to KL Hibiscus Garden for one of her college's assignment.
Although I'm just her "personal assistant" that day, i had fun!

a waterfall at the entrance.

Pei Shin the busy girl.

the model and the photographer.
(i'm the sub-photographer)

meaningless one.

So, we reached there at about 1030am. And we surveyed for a while, and started the photoshoot session. Its a very long walk and a very tiring thing to do. don't be a photographer if you can't walk. And we timed-out at 100pm.

rehydration tool.

So, we left at 130pm and reached Sunway at 200pm. She need to go to a shop near her college. Then, had lunch at Sushi Zanmai. Home sweet home at 5pm.

Just simple date and it has worn me out already.
old already.

I miss Pei Shin this bitch so much!
Finally met her after so long. And she is so hard to date.