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Sunday, November 21

Charity Run :: Steps of Hope 2010

Today was the day!
Still, i can't believe i participated in a marathon. Freaking 7.8km long okay. And i finished 24/140++ people under my category. proud enough already. =)

This was how early we left home ::

the sun is not even up.

can you see us?

As usual, i met lotsa people there of course. well, my social network sibeh wide one okay. First it was Jude, Henry and Leonard. Then, i saw Andrea was on duty for St. John. Saw some classmates and schoolmates for sure! And and, the quite unexpected one - Ru Hui and Nicole!

Let pictures do the talking ::

the sampat gang.

better known as KU gang.
*i'm proud of them loh plez*

Jolene, currently studying in ALC.

Khai Jian, the 4-flat face.
STPM is like in 2 more days but he still can so relax and walk here walk there.
Quite shocked to see him there btw.

Nicole and..

Ru Hui from BU.

Now for current classmates ::

Jia Yap.


this supposed to be a very nice shot, but Kae Luen spoilt it. pfft.

so, take 2!

gentlemen, she's single. =)

Top 3 trophy.
Win Cean's.
He super crazy loh.
Stamina damn high and can run damn fast.

now, this is mine.
I only got medal lah.
I know i noob.

Sohpoh posing with MY medal. hahaha

Thus, we finished the marathon proudly and surely.

my number tag.

It was quite fun generally, but the running process was quite suffering okay. At certain part of the race, it does cross my mind : wtf am i doing here? I should be sleeping at home, my gawd.
worst still, there was like a mini hill part at the end. I almost died!

Will this be my first and last marathon? hahaha.

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