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Tuesday, November 23

Old Boy's Dinner

 This was a post i missed, so imma post it now.
So, the Old Boy's Association (OBA) invited the prefectorial board for their annual gathering dinner.
It was at Holiday Villa, Subang.

First, the place was classy.
Second, the ballroom was awesome.
the food sucks. Its either too salty or tasteless.
kinda disappointing for a 4-star hotel.

Hmm, it was quite a fun thing to do with all the prefects though.
I guess it helps to enhance the bond between Form5 and Form6 perfects too.
Met alot of current and ex teachers, which was quite awesome.

We had a free table and what we have to do basically is just to help them in collecting the donation.
The donation collected on that day was RM52,000! Crazy right, just one night you know!

Some funny incidents on that day ::
First, some old uncles was looking at us because we had a table and we all look so young. and they were all doubting, this table graduated which year?

Nabilla was super busy putting electric everywhere. She even pose before talking to the waiter to ask him to add some tea. whatthehell!

We took photographs with Dato Krishnan and an uncle came with his handphone and snapped us. Worst part was, his friend was saying : zoom za bo tio eh sai liao! mother!

I now know that Pn. Kion's other name is Pn. Kehsu. so cool right, she actually had a japanese husband.

Was planning to take photographs with teacher, but tak jadi because it was very late already and we're rushing home.

So now, pictures time!

outside the ballroom.

the noticeboard.

the prefects gang.

captain showing off his iphone.


the "electric putting" girl on that night and captain.

Kai Ping, an OBA scholarship receiver.
and captain, again.

Xun Kin, my assistant.
And a busy photographer on that day.

Kai Ping's hairdo.

Blurred. but nice.

With Dato and his committee.

Last, but not least,

(stunning toilet bowl. LOL)

Thats all for the night!

p/s: i reached home at 12am, slept at 1am, and woke up at 530am the next day for Marathon.
can't believe i actually did it.

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