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Sunday, November 28

GG session needed.

Yeah, its been a long time since i hangout with my girls.
Both exco girls and school girls.
Am already wondering when we can meet up, even just to gossip?
Everyone is so busy with their own lives.
What about friendship?
I need to meet up and talk craps people.
Or else, my mouth gonna karat already.

and you, mind you, wtf is wrong with you? I'm a 08 member doesn't mean i can give a full commitment to VAD 43. I don't want to make it sound so personal, but you started to attack me in facebook first. I know, i'm still fucking in Klang and you are already out of Klang pursuing you study in Perak. So? Does this mean that you have the  privilege not to give commitment? I have my Form 6 life to live and you have your university life to live. Does this mean mine is easier to live than yours? I also have my finals to study for and mine is as important as yours!

yeah, you sent messages and emails to remind us not to forget where we come from. What about you? Distance should not be a problem for you to pour your commitment. When there is a will, there is a way. You have your ways to call for meeting although you're at Perak, but you can't do anything to show up? So what is the point of the meeting without the planner? Forget that, and i did reply to emails and messages. I'm not MIA-ing, you *****.

What about the other 08s that are MIA-ing? I don't see you sounding them! guess what? you made me feel so sick about everything now. I should not have joined! This is not volunteerism, but a forcing. You are literally forcing each and everyone of us still in Klang to commit while you're enjoying your life there, without all the pressure we're facing here! Is this fair? Judge it yourself, M.S.

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