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Thursday, November 25

Sepak Takraw, Asian Games.

Since i was home all day today, of course i glued my eyes to the television for few hours. And i came across the sepak takraw match between Malaysia and Thailand(final).

Malaysian team lost 12-21, 19-21. I must say the second set was quite thrilling. And, there are few points i wanna make.

Firstly, Malaysian team's Tekong is so FAT! no wonder his service keep foul.
Secondly, the Right Inside at the first match was so nervous! all i can see is that he keeps mumble to Allah to let him score that point! wth!
Thirdly, substituting the Right Inside from Futra Abd Ghani to Mad Ghani is really the correct choice!

And and, the Tekong of Thailand, Wirawut Na Nongkhai is so much younger, and cuter! He's only 19 this year, my gawd! His service was so sharp and furious loh. No wonder Malaysian team will lose lah. Worse still, he's only the second choice Tekong of Thailand. Imagine if they played their first choice. Malaysia team can straight go home tanam jagung already. Their Right Inside (Anuwat Chaichana) was great too. but abit cocky loh. Keep pointing his finger to Malaysian Team once he scored a point. Niapot!

Thank god, the young blood, Mad Ghani did back the same too. Haha.

Anuwat Chaichana is action.

They look like superman hor. Now i realised that Sepak Takraw can be a very fun game. Its so awesome to see them flung their leg so high to hit that ball. Even better, how they land on their butt after trying to block the opponent's strike. Too bad, this game is usually played by Malays only. Or else, i would really like to try it. eventhough i got short legs.

Malaysian's turn to show off.

Rupa-rupanya, Thailand had been Malaysia's Sepak Takraw rival for so many years. Still, Malaysia lost again. (We still won Silver, so nevermind lah. Try again 4 years later loh.) Apapun, before i end this post, i must say, Wirawut Na Nongkhai is really cute! i can't get a proper pic of him. or else, he'll be all over my blog by now.


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