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Sunday, November 21

A day with Pei Shin! ♥

So, this was supposed to be a post on last Wednesday.

KK, Shin and I went to KL Hibiscus Garden for one of her college's assignment.
Although I'm just her "personal assistant" that day, i had fun!

a waterfall at the entrance.

Pei Shin the busy girl.

the model and the photographer.
(i'm the sub-photographer)

meaningless one.

So, we reached there at about 1030am. And we surveyed for a while, and started the photoshoot session. Its a very long walk and a very tiring thing to do. don't be a photographer if you can't walk. And we timed-out at 100pm.

rehydration tool.

So, we left at 130pm and reached Sunway at 200pm. She need to go to a shop near her college. Then, had lunch at Sushi Zanmai. Home sweet home at 5pm.

Just simple date and it has worn me out already.
old already.

I miss Pei Shin this bitch so much!
Finally met her after so long. And she is so hard to date.

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