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Monday, November 15


Today was definitely not a very good day.

First, when i reached school, got nagged from few seniors and sister because no one dutied for today's assembly. Ended up, seniors have to cover for us. Worst still, I'm the one who got all the scoldings but not Captain. Seriously, whats wrong with you people? He obviously is the one who should be blamed. Fml.

Secondly, Sir wasn't really punctual. So, a meeting which was scheduled at 9am ended up starting at 940am. awesome right.. Consequence, i was late for experiment. My partner pulak have to bear the consequence by doing the first part alone. i'm really sorry okay. Then, when doing the report, had some difficulties in calculating all the value. can things get any shittier?

Thank god there are still silver lining in every cloud. Had McD for lunch today, which made me happier. And a small gossip session with Sen Chen during Maths class. And yay! Tomorrow is a day off for mua. I'm gonna stay home and settle all the homeworks. i mean it!

p/s : movie anyone? i need to watch RED!

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