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Thursday, November 4

something worth my time.

Hey, today was a productive day though. After a 4-hour Maths tuition, went KL with family. After that, movie with old friends. Its been a long time since we last hung out together. Watched Takers. Ze movie was totally awesome! Although the storyline was kinda predictable, it was still enjoyable. Gosh, AJ and John were totally hotstuffs! Dear god, let me meet a guy like AJ or John please and i would ask for nothing anymore. Any will do. ._.

Then, mamak session of course!

high class mamak.


ze' awesome drink.

matches perfectly with the right gang.
the o0o gang. LMAO

a talkative person.

with KK's homemade muffins.
om nom nom..

and a pair of lovebirds.

These are the perfect match for an awesome gathering. Home sweet home after that. Although it was not really a long hangout, it was super enjoyable, getting updates about each other's life, gossips, and reminisce about the school time. What more can we ask? I'm loving my life. =)

Whatever said must be done!
Action speaks louder than word.
I'm on DIET!

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