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Monday, December 3

Review : Big Bang in MAMA 2012

Warning : this is a spazz post, do not read if you are not a fan of Big Bang/YG Family!

Honestly as a VIP, I'm totally proud of how Big Bang did in MAMA. 4 awards! Fuhh. I'm glad their comeback was a great one and now, they are gonna be around stronger than ever! Honestly, I still think that Big Bang deserves "Album of the Year" award considering their sales for Alive. But heck, what Phey Yin said was right too.  "分猪肉,不可能以个人拿到完"

But then, I'm still happy okay. Artist of the Year. Sounds just right! :D And congrats to the YG Family members, Psy and Epik High too for bringing back 9 awards (including Big Bang's) for YG. I guess that was the best birthday present ever for Papa YG. LOL 

its a shame 2NE1 won nothing just because they are on world tour and can't make it to the award show. But MAMA is kinda silly to have to concept of "attend and you'll win something" pfft. Grow up. We all know 2NE1 deserved Best Global Female Group award.

Being in Twitter makes me crazy. Because all the updates are instant and pictures come flooding my timeline all day long! This was the first time I stayed in front of my laptop, waiting to stream MAMA live, just to watch Big Bang perform. I couldn't even concentrate in my meeting but to keep checking Twitter for updates! Rushed back after meeting just to catch their performance. But the line was so sucky that I couldn't stream smoothly :( Tuned to 8TV for the delayed broadcast and everything was worth it cuz their performance killed the night! Like, literally the best performance of the night!

And and, who else can pull off all their styles if not Big Bang themselves? Even Adam Lambert wants their closets and gave them A+ for their fashion! LOL

GD appearing with a blonde hair and going back with red hair!
Like seriously?! Who else can pull it off if not G-Dragon?!!!

Congrats on winning Best Male Group :D

And during the performance, Monster in Me!
Shit, just the name made me excited already! And heck, they didn't disappoint! All prepped up in their monster style and BOOM SHAKALAKA! The idea of mixing Crayon and Fantastic Baby was perfect!

my RED monster!

His entrance can't be any more epic than it already is! Just like a king omg! 
My favourite part was "we gon' party like.." which he repeated thrice before singing! 
OMG! Sounds so so so so so gooooooood!

sexy Dae!

Honestly, my favourite of the night was not GD but Daesung! Why?! I don't know! He totally rocked his style that night! The way he jumped, the way he danced, the way he threw the hailer, EVERYTHING SCREAMS SEXY! He totally stole the spotlight with his new hairstyle too!
NO, bias list is not shaking! He's my second bias and he's staying there. 
Seungri goes back to 3rd place already. haha


Well well well, what else can I say.. His rap was out of this world. The deep voice of his, killer! He might not be my bias, but I cannot deny the fact that his voice is so perfect that "all ovaries are exploding" LOL
(thats what TOP-biased loved to say, I'm just quoting haha) 
But his style that night was quite scary with the crazy contact lens! But thats the point right! Monster! Some choose to be sexy monsters and it just happened that he chose to be a scary monster that night! :D


Haha. This cute maknae decides to look mature for once and hence gelled his hair back like the 60's? Idk but he kinda look like Tony Leung don't you think? Haha. But, he sang wrongly for a part in Crayon though. 
Ri ah, Ji might whack you for not knowing his song you know?! LOL


Couldn't get a proper pic of him during the performance, hence used this instead. Swag as usual! This dance machine swagged throughout the performance! And he don't sound weird rapping GD's part in Crayon at all. But still, I prefer GD's version. :p

Thanks to this performance, Big Bang gave me a new feeling towards them. All of them are capable of handling the stage on their own. 
The way TOP screamed "BIGBANG"! 
The way Daesung said "Ehhhhhh!". 
The way Seungri threw off his Joker mask. 
The way Taeyang danced. 
The way G-Dragon make his entrance. 
They are so perfect like that. They really are true artist! :')

Watch the performance here :

Receiving Artist of the Year!

Congrats to G-Dragon for winning Best Male Artist as well!
well deserved, well deserved. :)

top to toe, all branded items!
Fucking rich omg!

all pictures are credited to its respective owners!
(cr on pic)

 Hong Kong's media actually reported that Big Bang was too arrogant because they did not walk the red carpet and only answered one question during the post-award ceremony press conference? 

Bitch pls, my oppas are rockstars and all these are too mainstream for them. Heck, if you want them to answer your questions, make it more interesting lah. They had enough of press conferences answering the same shits over and over again. And yes, they have all the rights to be arrogant BUT HECK THEY ARE NOT! Even artists love them and says they are humble! What says you now?! check Grace Wong's (Miss Hong Kong 2007 Runner Up) Weibo for proof if you want! Pfft.

Ah btw, made a tumblr account just to spam on bigbang. follow at your own risk :D

If you read all the way here, thanks for reading! You are either a VIP or you are a step closer to becoming a VIP. 
VIP fandom welcomes you! LOL


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