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Tuesday, July 31

Big Bang Alive Galaxy Tour 2012 Ticket Launch!

Guys! I assume you guys did know that BIGBANG is coming to have a concert in Stadium Merdeka soon! And as a VIP (BIGBANG's fandom), its a must-attend concert! So I guess you people did read on the newspaper, FB, Twitter about how grand this ticket launch thingy turn out to be! HAHAHA.

Because VIPs were causing a big huu-haa by queueing overnight in Fahrenheit88 just to get a hand on the VIP tickets! Gosh, I swear the night before (27/7) I was pretty depressed by all the updates on Twitter and FB posting pictures of people queueing overnight! Trust me, it was a crazy queue in Fahrenheit88! So, I am worried I might not get my tickets for the concert as Indonesia and Singapore's tickets sold out in matter of minutes! :O

But, hey hey hey, good news here ::


I'm going to see BIGBANG live in October!

I only got myself the CAT 7 (RM188) ticket because I'm poor! :(
Not to mention I have to fly back from Penang during October for this concert!
So yeah, saving for the air fare too!

. . .

The previous night (27/7), I slept at 5am. While awake, I keep scaring myself with all the updates from Fahrenheit88 regarding the queues and stuffs! I made myself panicked and depressed pretty much for the whole morning by reading those updates! The level of tension was off the roof! Woke up at 6am, picked Sapura and headed to Rock Corner Subang to get my tickets! 
Luckily I was smart enough to go to Rock Corner, lesser crowd. But no free posters and goodies :( 

Hence, the start of the ticket war. 

in the mall early in the morning.

Reached the mall damn early and every shop is still closed and even the air cond in the mall is not switched on yet. Thank god we found a way to get into the mall. Apparently, we are not the only one. Saw a few others were also there early wanting to queue to get BIGBANG's concert ticket. 
The power of the Kpop heroes! LOL

Waited and waited and waited. Finally, 930am, rushed to queue outside of Rock Corner! Thanks to my swift sister, we managed to be second in the queue! In no time, there are pretty much people queueing behind us already! HAHA. 

There was this random guy that was queueing behind us that talked to me. Never asked his name. He was alone here while his friend was queueing at Rock Corner Sunway Pyramid! :O Teamwork! LOL. He was actually there slightly earlier than me but too bad he was queuing behind me! HAHAHA. He asked me a few questions and we actually bought the same CAT! Lets see whether we'll meet during the concert :D

Approx 1030am, rushed into the shop and the guy queueing in front of me just have to take the longest time to choose his seats. C'mon! Can't you decide beforehand? And hello, they did release the floor plan long ago! Must you only choose on the spot? -.-

p/s : Got Suzanne the best CAT4 seats! Its the first row near the rail! WOOTS!

the queue after I bought my tickets!
(this was only the outside)

faces of the survivors!

So happy that we got our tickets!
Went shopping after that with my favourite unnie, Sap! :D

her dorky side :)

something she love!

Went for 2 movies after that. And in the evening, buka puasa with Sapura and Jeannie! It was a Saturday well spent. But, had headache after dinner. Guess I stayed awake for too long! HAHAHA.

Anyways, I'm damn happy that I got the tickets. 
Can't wait for October now!
Who else is going? :D

For those that didn't manage to get the tickets, please be careful when buying from other fans. Some might be a conman! Don't be too desperate and get fooled by those scammers! Saw a few cases posted on BB1stClub's FB already. Pls, be careful.

Tuesday, July 24

How I Step Up With Nuffnang

First, to do a flashmob, the most basic prop will definitely be PEOPLE!
Yeah, of course its people, what else? Pfft!

people, people and more people!
(pic from Google Image)

And where to get the props (people)? Hey, isn't Nuffnang a community with lots of bloggers (people)? :D

Here is how I would Step Up with Nuffnang!

(pic from Google Image)

Since we are going for the premiere of Step Up Revolution with fellow bloggers, why not we do the flashmob right on the spot with the bloggers, in the cinema! 


I would first discuss with the person in charge of the cinema to let us display a few funny slides after the show just right before the credits. 
So that people will not stand up and start leaving..

For example : 
(maybe with some horror background music to create some suspense)

and BAMM! 

Cue music, 10 people stand up among the crowd and BOOM SHAKALAKA! Lets get the party started! Slowly, everyone will get infected by the atmosphere and starts to get into the rhythm and lets dance our asses off! :D 

Fret not if you have no chance of learning the choreography, we can consider displaying the choreography live in the wide screen! WOOHOO!

This will have a better effect as everyone will be so high after the movie and I believe bloggers will have another unforgettable premiere screening experience!

Oh crap, I'm getting over excited! 
So Nuffnang pretty please, send me to the premiere screening! :D

Friday, July 20

Pedicure + Manicure

This was my first time getting a manicure! Well, I'm not really that kind of pretty girls whom are willing to spend a good fortune in all these beauty services. But hey, since there is a deal why not try it? :)

Yes, if I were to not explore now, when else? :D So, I got the deal from My Living Social with 50% off! The initial plan was to do it with my best friends, Cpei and Suez. But in the end, I went with Suez only. Timing problem plus the deal is expiring soon! :/

Thank you Sen Chen, for being the driver of the day and Pang, for accompanying us! :D

the coupons.

Did I mention that their service was really fast and efficient! The environment is really comfy too! But, their manicurists might need to smile a little bit more. They are a bit not so friendly I would say :/ 

enjoying the service.

The whole process took up around 40 minutes only. From choosing colours and designs, to polishing and drying. By the way, i love how the manicurist, that served me, skilfully drew some flower designs on my thumb. :) 

photo courtesy of : Suez.

Now, a closer look of the outcomes!

Left : Suez, Right : Mine.

saw the flower designs? :D

A few suggestion for those whom are interested to try this :

- get a driver to drive you there and back. 
because you need to wait 4 hours for the whole thing to dry. It will be a pain in the ass if you were to smudge it anytime in between!

- get a friend with good taste to go with you. 
he or she might be helpful in giving you opinion on which colours/designs to choose. too many choices!

- Wear slippers or sandals! 
Your toes will be polished too!

- Watch out for deals from MyLivingSocial! 
Why get it at a more expensive price while you can do it at a discounted price? :)

The nail studio is located at :

Belles Nails Spa & Waxing,
(Above OldTown White Coffee)
20-2-1, Jalan Setia Prima (Q),
U13Q Setia Alam, Seksyen U13,
40170, Shah Alam, Selangor

Tel : 03-3342 2690

Business Hours : 
Daily 1030am-730pm

Tuesday, July 17


Hey readers, so did you miss me? I mean, did you miss my post?
But whatever, because I missed you and my blog!

I have to clarify the reason for me not blogging is because, my sister took my camera to her 3 weeks long student exchange trip in Hunan, China. Now that she's back, I've got photos to post! :D

So, without my camera, life still goes on. Yeap, June has thus far been a happening month to me. 
Omitting minor outings with no photographs! 

#1 Standard Chartered Fun Run

This was a event planned months before the run. At first, everyone was so enthusiastic about it and registered. In the end, only 4 of us made it to the run. Friends -.-
Nevertheless, we had so much fun even if its only 4 of us! Went to Markets@JayaOne after the Run!
Yes, without taking showers. :D Got myself a handbag from Markets and I loved it ever since!

my number!

with my Kehpoh! 

#2 Cousin's Wedding Dinner.

LOL, all the pictures during the dinner is with my uncle and idk when he's gonna upload it. So yeah, this is what I have :) One thing i definitely hate about meeting far relatives is the question they bombard you with!

Have a boyfriend already? 
Obviously NO!




my cute niece, Olivia Lim.

#3 Ciuyi's Farewell!

Try my best not to be too emotional. Yeah, so Ciuyi was one of my primary best friend. I mean the bestest among the best kind of best friend. And she left to further her study in Singapore already! :( Well, it is a good thing for her and we do feel proud and happy for her. But, she will be missed dearly by the primary gang! :')
All the best for her future endeavours!

It feels so good to be meeting all those primary folks! I especially missed Constance, did I mention its been 8 years since we last met?! O.O


take #1

take #2

favourite shot of the night!

#4 IPTA result

This is a very important milestone in my life! Because this will determine my future path and everything else. So, I got accepted by USM to do Communication. Guess its time for me to let go of Science. :/ Yes, I do feel sad about that, but everything happens for a reason. And I believe I can make the best out of whatever that's given to me! And thus, Penang will be my new home for the next 4 years! Time to rock n' roll in Penang! 

I thank my parents for being considerate and even let me have a choice of going IPTS if I don't want to do Communication. My parents are just great! Ilovethem.

What's sad is, all my friends are accepted to different universities. UM, UPM, UKM, UMS, UniMAS, UniMAP, UTeM, UMT, UTHM and UTAR! LOL. Which means, we will all have a new chapter in life, without each other :( 

This is something worth feeling sad about and we shall cherish the last 1 month together in Klang for good!

the end.

Anyways, I'm back to blogging and I am gonna update this blog consistently from now on, hopefully. 
Thanks for reading! :)




yours truly,