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Sunday, September 5

what can i say?

First day of holiday :

Same routine as usual, Chemistry tuition at 1030am, Physics tuition at 330pm. So in between, got nothing to do. Went KP for lunch with Botak loh. Lifeless kan, i know. At 3pm, time to leave KP loh. When we leave the carpark, Botak laughed at the car in front because the driver's hand cannot reach the money machine. Then when its his turn, this is what happened.

He bang the divider. HAHAHA. And he blamed me for it. WTF. Anyhoo, sorry okay, I didn't know he would pay so much attention to what i'm saying till he bang the divider. Heart pain for his "sportcar". 7 month, 7 month, not my fault after all. =)

At night, went Setia Alam with old time buddies! Miss those moments in secondary.
Things do remain the same, but people changed. Fml.

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