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Thursday, September 9


Fifth day of holiday.

This is what someone lifeless would do.
Which is to look for some old photos and reminisce those old good times.

this is how i look when i was 15.

man, i miss my hair.

my first activity as a B-Team.
First photo with Pei i guess.

Pn. Ong's daughter, QiQi!
She's grown up and so totally pwetty now.

This was when i was 16, the best year of my life!
I ♥ MEB 2008!

During VAD House Warming Party.
i looked damn different tho!

Last photo with my long hair before i got it chopped.

tadaa! new hair.

during Kem Pengembaraan & Interaksi.

miss my W810i.

best fwen, Maria.
(lala pose, i know.)

shinling aka Xiao Shuai.

my craziest KUS!
How could i not love her?

STK Prom 2008.
Love my bangs.


my hair has grown!
With Ita darling.

yours truly.

Its been a long time since i chop my hair. Shall do it soon. Hate my fringe now. Pfft.

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