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Saturday, September 18

the great reunion! ♥

Seriously, could life get any better? Its oh-so-awesome to hang out with EXCO 08. You guys rock a million times!

VAD 43 Raya Open House was just a warm up.
Photo of the night ::

these are awesome people!

The next day, was the official reunion! Pang sanjus, so he missed all the fun. =(

My date of the day,

Mr. Kiri!

with mua, Missy Wen.


We camwhored while waiting for Sheila to prepare. I was actually spamming Syabil D60's shutter count.

with love, ♥.

Mahes and I.

Manoj, the mouse.
he's hot!

Mahes, the pengerusi.
future Ir. gonna be!

she was fully prepared with all her sunblocks and cap.
awesome kan? HAHA

dearest buddy! future doc duhh!

After picking Sheila, we headed to Bukit Cahaya!
Swimming is so fun with them.

Suez is sun bathing, to dry her clothes.

Left at 4pm.
Next destination, Selvaa!

Nothing is nicer than sitting at mamak with your gang and gossip like nobody's business!
I love mamak session! although this is not at night.

Home sweet home at 630pm. So early right, wtf.
The moments spent with you guys are just different.

This gathering shall undisputedly be crowned the best outing of this holiday!

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