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Friday, January 4

Pessimistic people.

So I read someone's blog a while ago and it was so pessimistic I feel like slapping the blogger in the face. Well, I'm not really in anyone's shoe to teach anyone about life yet. But seeing her giving up her life like it is the most miserable thing in the world really irks me.

Come on, nobody is born to be a loner. If you really want something then work for it. Be it friendship or anything. Ask yourself why nobody is treating you real enough? Is it because you did not treat them real enough too? Treat people like how you want people to treat you. 

Second point, its the law of attraction.

Good attracts good. Bad attracts bad. Nuff said. Is it so hard to understand? If you yourself is feeling so negative about yourself already, and you can't stop showing the negative side of yourself, how do you expect people to see you in a different way and love you instead?

And saying that she's gonna be alone for the rest of her life makes me really wanna choke her. Fyi, she is currently attached to someone and is loved by that someone. That someone is my friend.

How could she actually blog how nobody cares for her and how forever alone she is?!

Imagine what my friend will feel when he reads her blog? If I were him, I'll definitely feel unappreciated. Yes I know. It's her blog and she's is totally calling the shot, writing whatever she wants.They might quarrel a lot (?) but writing something so hurtful is not forgiveable. Not when they are still attached to each other.

You don't know what lonely feels like when you have a family, siblings and boyfriend loving you. Don't bullshit please.

And seriously people, you need to learn to love yourself before learning to love others.

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