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Tuesday, January 31

Joey is married.

Hey guys, I'm back for some update.
note that this is gonna be a not-so-positive post.

My friend got married! And guess what, she's only 19.

Why she got married?
- Because she got pregnant.

She was my secondary acquaintance (we never studied in the same class) but somehow we grew close due to our club. It was a mixed feeling when I received a call from her saying that she's getting married and she's inviting me. Few weeks back, I heard rumour about her getting pregnant. And the rumour was confirmed when she rang me. My jaw dropped!

Its not that I don't feel happy for her. I do. But, I don't think this will be the best for her future. Note that his husband is only 20, not to mention he does not have a stable career and stable income. And she got married in a very rushy manner. I don't like it.

To me, 19 shouldn't be the age where you get marry, but you should be enjoying life. Marriage is totally a new phase in life which should come much later. Anyway, I wish her all the best in her new life and may god bless her with a healthy baby.

p/s : Valentine's Day is coming. And to you couples out there, be responsible. Don't try to save on condoms. You don't want accidents to happen. And girls, be smart! Don't be a bimbo and just simply get laid!

the club mates.

Joey the bride.

Happy Chinese New Year!

Will blog about my CNY in the next post. Stay tuned!

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