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Tuesday, January 17



Hello dear readers,
sorry for being missing in actions for 16 days since new year.

Not something i want, but my life is just too lifeless to have anything worthy to blog about. Yes, i'm that pathetic. :( Guess what, I'm actually blogging from my workplace now. I got hired by GroupEgo to handle their Facebook page and I'm currently working at Kota Kemuning.

So, while working I can actually steal a few hours minutes to update my Facebook, Twitter and even my blog. My colleagues are pretty awesome, but sometimes I can't really blend in with them. :/ There's a weird girl who doesn't like to smile and always talk with the China accent! Gosh, sometimes i feel like bitch slapping her so that she don't fucking show me her fucking emo face. Like I fucking care!

And yeah, how was your new year? I had a pretty awesome NYE night with my classmates BBQ-ing. Not all attended but yeah, it was fun! By the time the clock strikes 12am, a sudden feeling rushed through telling me I'm no longer a teenager. Aww, I'm getting older already :(

All right, will keep you guys posted. I'm hungry already so off to lunch.
Thanks for reading.


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